I have said time and time again that going into these Batman one-shots I was only really looking forward to two; THE DAWNBREAKER and THE MERCILESS. The former because I’m arguably one of the biggest Green Lantern fans there is, and that focusing on the “Greatest Lantern of them ALL,” Hal Jordan. And the latter being because I’m a huge … Read more


FINALLY! Finally we get a solid, overall great issue out of BATMAN and Tom King (writer!) I’ve been highly critical of this title, and in particular Tom’s run. I’ve felt that it hasn’t quite lived up to what I’m used to out of him, and from his other runs like GRAYSON and THE OMEGA MEN. … Read more


Ah, GREEN ARROW’s back and it feels so good! Yeah, picture me singing that with my deep, amazing voice that would make an angel cry tears of– no, no, don’t do that. I have to much respect for you all to retain your hearing. Though, what you should picture and understand is that the best book … Read more


I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been looking forward to writing this review for the second issue of THE REALM since I finished my review of the inaugural #1, which I think everyone can agree was a stunning first issue– yeah, yeah, shameless plug for you to go read my first review if you haven’t, … Read more


There’s one thing that I look forward to the most when I’m reading a title, and that’s if it gets better with each issue. A solid book that I’m going to be picking up monthly [or heaven forbid bi-weekly] must get better with each issue, or at least remain the same great quality. If it goes backward … Read more


Outside of DC REBIRTH and the upcoming DOOMSDAY CLOCK, I don’t think there’s really been an event that’s caught the attention of so many people — both comic fans and non — like DC METAL has. I think that’s a fair assessment, and up to this point it’s been widely rewarding with the amazing prelude issues of THE FORGE and THE CASTING, … Read more

Umberto Gonzalez refers to DC Comics’ fanbase as “alt-right”

In a tweet on Monday, October 9th the popular “blogger” who’s most known as “elmayimbe,” Umberto Gonzalez, tweeted out what could be called a horrendous and unnerving term in relation to the DC Comics fanbase, So according to the fanboy alt-right, aka the DC troll hive, superhero movies aren’t supposed to be “fun” or have “humor?” … Read more


Yes, yes, one million times YES! It’s that time again, as PAPER GIRLS #16 has graced our shelves and most importantly our eyeballs! This issue was the start of the new arc “Y2K,” and once again Brian K. Vaughan (writer,) Cliff Chiang (artist) and team give us something amazing and fresh, The mind-bending, time-warping adventure continues as … Read more


There are what seems to be a million [plus] Batman stories out there, and it’s always safe to say that we’re going to get a million more. One irrefutable truth is that the “Dark Knight” sells like nearly no other character does. So when BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT was originally announced, I was stoked to be getting … Read more

BREAKING: She said “yes!”

Art by David Finch and Danny Miki Back in BATMAN #24, we saw possibly one of the largest character developments for a certain “noir hero” in perhaps a decade– Batman asked Catwoman to marry him. Now, a few issues [eight to be exact] have gone by since then. The massive “bomb” dropped on us comic … Read more