“Snyder Cut” Petition — Claims of petition signatures being “forged” surface

After JUSTICE LEAGUE’s release and disappointing opening weekend (domestically), we saw birth to a fan petition (started by Roberto Mata) on Change.org in hopes to force Warner Bros.’s hand and release the “Snyder Cut” of the movie. The petition has since climbed to a beyond impressive 147,042 (and counting) signatures from fans all showing support of Zack Snyder and his vision. … Read more

Box Office: JUSTICE LEAGUE finds its legs

After JUSTICE LEAGUE’s narrow defeat by Pixar‘s COCO on Thanksgiving, it appears that the (fan’s) word of mouth is surely turning out to give the “legs” that it’s in need of. As pointed out, JUSTICE LEAGUE had only made $8.5M on Thanksgiving, which was of no surprise. The holidays tend to affect all movies in some way, but it appears that … Read more


I don’t think there’s been a more on the edge of your seat rollercoaster ride when it comes to box office performances than JUSTICE LEAGUE. That, of course, factoring in the overall ride of the movie from Zack Snyder’s (director) departure from the movie to “conspiracy like” critical reception. The story coming into Thanksgiving week was how … Read more

JUSTICE LEAGUE — There’s still hope

We had just seen the weakest (domestic) DCEU opening with JUSTICE LEAGUE, which was predated by the usual critic response to a DC Comics movie. It seemed, from first looks, that JUSTICE LEAGUE was marked to fail. With fans calling for Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara’s dismissal, and (extreme grain of salt) rumors about Joss Whedon’s (director) firing from … Read more

Joss Whedon — Out as director of BATGIRL?

Back in March we learned that Joss Whedon (director) had been tapped to direct a BATGIRL solo movie. This was around the same time that we learned Zack Snyder (director) had stepped down from JUSTICE LEAGUE to grieve over the loss of his daughter, and he’d chosen Whedon to pick up the slack and “finish” the movie. … Read more