JUSTICE LEAGUE — Domestic bomb, International success


After what is surely the worst domestic opening of a DCEU movie, ever, JUSTICE LEAGUE reels in a $96M opening weekend. It performed worse than the widely critical success that is WONDER WOMAN, which opened with $103.1M.

This comes as an absolute shock, as one would expect the greatest superhero team, the Justice League, to be an instant [and undoubtable] $1B, but it looks absolutely impossible at this point– no, it is impossible at this point. And believe me, as a DC Comics and Zack Snyder (director) fan, this hurts. I was one of the first people hoping for JUSTICE LEAGUE to be an absolute monster of a success, and am now one of the first disappointed.

The silver lining of this whole– eh, yeah, I’ll use disaster, is that where it failed domestically, it is a hit internationally. Dave McNary of Variety reported that JUSTICE LEAGUE has pulled in $185M at the international box office for opening weekend.

I’m honestly not surprised one bit. The movie is fit for the general audience, and should be an absolute beast. This surely comes off of the fact that the international audience views critics’ opinions completely different than the domestic audience, and the shaft job it [JUSTICE LEAGUE] has received crushed it at home.

So far, globally JUSTICE LEAGUE has made roughly $281M, which is “good,” but far from what was expected of it. I, for one, hope that things turn around and we see an improvement thanks to word of mouth from fans. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up. All we can do now is to go see it again [and again.]



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