DCEU — It appears JUSTICE LEAGUE did NOT spell the end


After what seemed like an eternity of hearing a death rattle; from “critics/bloggers” calling for Warner Bros. to “reboot” the DCEU to JUSTICE LEAGUE only reaching $600M globally as of yesterday [December 11th.] The world literally appeared to be crumbling around the DCEU fan base. Almost as if Steppenwolf, himself, had descended and was unleashing an unstoppable assault, but just like in JLhope never dies.

Anyone [and everyone] who’s neck deep in following the DCEU and observing the constant shit storm after storm knows that it has been nonstop from all fronts with the Anti-DC Rumor Machine. Rumors that have been debunked many times over continue to resurface whenever there’s the slightest crumb that the mega ship known as the DCEU is going down. One of those [rumors] being the old [pre-SDCC] rumor that Ben Affleck (actor, Bruce Wayne/Batman) is out as Batman.

And we’re seeing this coming off of a supposed “restructuring” that’s spawn through FLASHPOINT where it’ll be Affleck “final time donning the cowl.”

I’ll let you guess what’s being used as proof for FLASHPOINT being his last– Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN solo.

There’s been a couple of things that cause me to look at a rumor like that, and not believe it:

  1. Affleck at SDCC, where he said,

    I would be a fucking ape on the ground for Matt Reeves, never mind being Batman!

    When an actor is that passionate about working with a director, I can’t help but to take that word over a “blogger” who’s using the nameless and faceless with arguably clickbaity titles.

  2. There’s NO fact checkable sources to these rumors. Every article [that I’ve read] has used anonymous “sources” or “insiders,” and yet again we’re left to just trust their word for it.
Source, please!

Credit to Sid Peralta (ITCNews Editor)

As a fan, I want to be able to know that what I’m reading isn’t something that’s being thrown together in an attempt to be the first on some “hot topic” at the moment.

And that’s what we [the fans] got out of Comic Con Brasil where the Warner Bros. panel, where we saw first hand that the mega ship is still sailing ahead,

The Aquaman Shrine was the first [as far as I’m aware] to break the news on the titles Warner Bros. presented to the audience as their movies-in-development. The movies being some of the original slate announced way back in 2014, as well as some that are no brainers like WONDER WOMAN 2 and FLASHPOINT.

I will most likely forever sit back and wonder whenever I see some article speculating that the DCEU is a failure with a [global] box office total of $3.722B [and counting.] It boggles my mind, and especially since the DCEU has out performed the Marvel Cinematic Universe within its first five movies; IRON MAN ($585.2M,) THE INCREDIBLE HULK ($263.4M,) IRON MAN 2 ($623.9M,) THOR ($449.3M) and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER ($370.6M) totaling $2.292-billion.

The number-one thing that we as a fan base must get into our heads is that we shouldn’t buy into sites that constantly [and almost always] use the nameless and faceless as the foundation for their story. There needs to be a level of accountability for them in presenting us [the readers] with information that’s fact checkable, and not “take it in faith.” Holding off on raising the alarm to DEFCON-2, and waiting for confirmation from Warner Bros.DC Films or even the actors/actresses themselves is where we should always be when approaching stories that are almost certainly a “hit-piece.”

As a friend of mine once said, “If three billion dollars is a failure, then I want my bank account to be a failure.”


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