DC’s Dark Nights: Metal event has introduced a plethora of twisted versions of Batman, each with a power of various members of the Justice League, save one… Hawkman. While it may seem like an oversight, the reason for this is made very apparent in the HAWKMAN FOUND tie-in issue. Each of the tie-ins for the … Read more

DC Films: Will WONDER WOMAN ever stop winning

Thomas Fuller first said, “The darkest hour is just before the dawn,” and you won’t ever hear me argue with him. I’m sure you’ve heard and read quite enough about the “hits” DC Entertainment has taken with the “train wreck” occurring out of JUSTICE LEAGUE. But like Fuller meant, you have to go through the bad in … Read more

FOX’s ‘The New Mutants’ Release Date Pushed Back 10 Months

Well… that was quite unexpected. Fox has decided to do a little rearranging to their upcoming X-Men universe films by changing the release dates for both Deadpool 2 and Gambit, but the biggest shakeup has to definitely be the 10 month push back of their upcoming horror/comic film The New Mutants. The New Mutants was set to come out April 13th of this … Read more

FOLLOW UP: Brian Michael Bendis 1st DC Comics project

After plenty of speculation as to what DC Comics newbie, Brian Michael Bendis (writer), would be working on first as apart of his exclusive multiyear, multi-faceted deal with DC Comics, we now have an answer. Russ Burlingame of reported, Longtime Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis’s first published work under his long-term DC-exclusive contract will be a backup … Read more

NFL: Titans at Patriots Divisional Round

The unfortunate truth about this matchup is that even Titans’ fans themselves are already planning on next year’s coaching job, free agency targets and overall team rebuilding strategy.  Not to mentioned the regrets or wishes of the Titans signing Gruden. Mariota, Henry, Decker, Walker brought their best to what could have been known as their … Read more

Review: THE FLASH #37

Of the DC Comics superheroes who have their own Rogues Gallery, The Flash’s are arguably the most interesting. They don’t want to rule the world. They don’t usually have grandiose, elaborate schemes in their course to villainy. They all just really… really… really hate The Flash for one reason or another. The Flash #37 shows … Read more