DC Films: Will WONDER WOMAN ever stop winning

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Thomas Fuller first said, “The darkest hour is just before the dawn,” and you won’t ever hear me argue with him.

I’m sure you’ve heard and read quite enough about the “hits” DC Entertainment has taken with the “train wreck” occurring out of JUSTICE LEAGUE. But like Fuller meant, you have to go through the bad in order to get to the good. And that appears to be true, as we’ve (recently) seen a new head appointed to DC Films, which looks to mean Warner Bros. wants to fix the issues they’ve been having, but it doesn’t stop there.

Less than a week ago, the man who’s arguably been the most targeted figure within the DCEU as well as responsible for what we have, Zack Snyder (director), was awarded for his work on WONDER WOMAN.

The American Film Institute both recognized the film as one of the Top Ten movies of the year along-with awarding Snyder for his work on it,

Zack Snyder's AFI Award for WONDER WOMAN

Credit to Zack Snyder; From Vero

Snyder posted the picture on his Vero with the caption, “What a great time.”

I think this shows one of the great bias held against the DCEU, which is the bias against Snyder. One of the most under the radar things was how most didn’t know Snyder co-wrote the story for WONDER WOMAN, and helped Patty Jenkins (director) through the process. This is definitely why I’m behind psyched that Snyder is assisting Jenkins on the sequel, as it ensures his creative mind remains within the universe.

The next milestone being that WONDER WOMAN was named the “Best Action Movie” by Critics’ Choice,

But it didn’t stop there at Critics’ Choice, no, Gal Gadot (actress, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman) also took home an award. The star was awarded the second ever “#SeeHer” award,

[The #SeeHer award] honors more accurate portrayals of women in film.

In this current politically “hot” time when there’s a lot of focus on women, and injustices against them; whether it’s the “#MeToo” movement, or simply empowering. For Gadot to be awarded an honor that says she exemplifies women in film, it shows how hard Jenkins, Snyder and all of those involved in WONDER WOMAN had worked to achieve a strong female character.

Of course, now the focus is on one thing… the Oscars. We know Jenkins and Warner Bros. have been tirelessly campaigning for the film to be nominated “Best Picture.” We’re roughly two weeks from the announcement of the nominees, and the first step is securing said nomination.

It’s important to remember that this is a one step at a time scenario. If WONDER WOMAN secures, it’ll be a milestone in its own right. A win would mark history, and (should) outright silence those who are beyond reason critical of the DCEU. Though I’m skeptical of success here, as we all know how comic book movies are treated at the Academy Awards. I honestly don’t quite see it going so different.

But with that said, I’m sure it’ll secure at the very least a nomination. So my fingers are crossed extremely tight.


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  • I’m a DC fanboy that is all for more strong female roles and meaningful participation behind the scenes in Hollywood, loves the WONDER WOMAN movie, and is well aware and respectful of the icon that the character was and continues to be in the struggle to better all women’s lives. That said, is an immortal demigod that spent 5,000 years of her life on a secluded island with ZERO male residents really one of the, “…more accurate portrayals of women in film” that people should be focusing on the most? Especially when the end-goal is supposed to be EQUALITY and EQUAL treatment, not obligatory or undeserved preferential treatment? By all means, award the movie for being good and Gadot for inhabiting the role so beautifully, but PLEASE quit politicizing it before the whole thing backfires. As it is, the actual reviews available on Rotten Tomatoes clearly indicate that the movie has more in common with the usual superhero origin films ranking in the 80th percentile among critics than anything with the roughly 92% overall rating that WONDER WOMAN currently holds.

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