REAL OR NAR!?: Are you sold on the Raptors this season? 

ITC Sports Writer

The Toronto Raptors recently just wiped LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers off the floor in a 133-99 blowout win!

With all the headlines about the Rockets and Celtics having a chance to overthrow their conference winners everyone has forgotten about the Raptors in the East (also because they didn’t make a splash in the off-season).

After that blowout win against the Cavs it has made everyone take notice to the Raps now. They must take notice to the fact that the Raptors are 15-2 at home, that Demar DeRozan is having an MVP caliber season  (now with a 3 point shot) and lastly you have to take notice to them blowing the Cavs out without Lowry and Ibaka!


They’re 29-11 giving them the second best in the East and 4th overall in the NBA. Credit their coach Dwane Casey who has changed the teams playing style with more ball movement and 3 point shooting. Demar being more efficient and the bench playing so well the Raptors do look like stellar contenders in the East.


Now let’s not forget the past playoff performances they had, being underwhelming and pretty stuck when it came to ball movement. Toronto never seemed like a real team, everyone viewed them as a one on one team who only performs during the regular season.


Can they become a real threat in the playoffs?

We’ll have to wait and see but this could end up being one of the best seasons for the Raptors organisation.


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