Prediction: Yankees vs Orioles

Thirty-five wins and 17 losses have the Yankees sitting comfortably in the 2nd spot of the American League. Even through ups and downs, they ended up having a pretty good month that included winning series against the Red Sox and the Astros. The last game of the month is against the Orioles, who beat out the … Read more

SOLO Crashes Short of Expectations

It was reported by the Hollywood Reporter that Solo: A Star Wars Story was projected for a $130M to $150M opening weekend, which would fall roughly in line with Disney‘s recent line of Star Wars movies. Though we had seen a bit of “turbulence” with the Star Wars spin-off, as it struggled in its China release with a low opening of a … Read more

Tommy Robinson — “Breaching the Peace”, Reporting Ban and British Storm Number 10

Yesterday, the British activist, Tommy Robinson, was arrested outside the court of an ongoing “grooming” trial for the crime of “breaching the peace.” Before being arrested, Robinson was reporting on the (grooming) case via a Facebook Live by filming men entering Leeds Crown Court. This comes after he was convicted (a year ago) of … Read more

Disney’s SOLO — A struggling Star Wars Story

After what was a widely mixed received The Last Jedi, we come upon the latest of Disney’s Star Wars movies — Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s an origin story of the iconic Harrison Ford portrayed character (from the originals), and the second installment in the “A Star Wars Story” off shoots. With it being predicted to be … Read more


When I started picking up The Terrifics with its premier issue, I was blown away. It started out with a kick, and ended with a huge reveal that I didn’t see coming. Its first issue was what I keep saying is what we needed more of in comics. It didn’t have any tropes, and put a … Read more