Ben Affleck — The “sources” strike again

Let me start out by saying, I believe everyone who’s a DCEU and/or Zack Snyder (director) fan knew the horrible Rotten Tomatoes score for JUSTICE LEAGUE was coming. It was of absolutely no surprise. But like clockwork, now we’re being bombarded with rumors of Ben Affleck (actor, Bruce Wayne/Batman) leaving the role, and “sources” claiming that Matt Reeves (director) wants someone else for it in THE BATMAN. At this point, my immediate reaction was, of course that’s how the Anti-DC Machine rolls.

I’ll give you one hint at why we’re seeing all of this chaos, ready? His name rhymes with “pampea.” Oh, oh, do you know who? Yeah, you got it! John Campea.

It’s of no surprise that Campea appears to be the one “leading this charge.” If you’re following him, or just come across any of his thoughts on anything DCEU, he’s made it pretty clear since Affleck was cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman that he didn’t like it. Well, on his show, The John Campea Show, he claimed,

I’m hesitant to say anything, but I talked to a Hollywood producer yesterday who told me who Matt Reeves wants as Batman. And, I’ll be honest with you, the name they [gave] me caught me a little bit by surprise. I called somebody else later in the day, saying, ‘Hey, I heard this, is there any validity to this?’ And they said, ‘Well, Matt does want him.’ But, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. There’s been no movement or anything like that. It doesn’t mean anything’s going to happen.

Is it any surprise that he gave no specific person? Only nameless and faceless “sources.” This is “How to make a DCEU hit-piece 101,” where you just toss things out and don’t give anything that can be fact checked.

This does, though, feed off of Affleck making the comment that he was looking for a good way to bow out of the cowl,

You don’t do it forever, so I want to find a graceful and cool way to segue out of it.

And of course, like Reeves’ original comments about THE BATMAN, this is being taken out of context and exaggerated upon. No one can play a role for seventy-five years, and Affleck (and everyone with a brain) is well aware of that. Affleck’s made clear at San Diego Comic Con that he can’t wait to work with Reeves, and that he loves portraying the character,

Let me be very clear: I am the luckiest guy in the world. Batman is the coolest part in the universe. I‘m so thrilled to do it. It’s fucking amazing.

It seems like these rumors are constantly being debunked, but yet here we are doing it again. This time as Charles Roven (producer) told CBR,

I’m not producing that movie. Matt Reeves is working on that, but I do work with Ben, so I know that he’s certainly planning on starring in that film, but I don’t know what the script is.

At this point, all I can say as a fellow DCEU fan is to ignore the noise. Wait for confirmation. Don’t allow the Campeas of the world to beat you down, and make you give up hope. That’s what they want, and as long as we allow the product to speak for itself and for any shakeups, (heaven forbid), to be confirmed by Warner Bros./DC Films before we start worry about them, we’ll be good.

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