BIG CHANGES: Matt Reeves — 6th and Idaho moves from FOX to Netflix

One of the biggest under the radar things DC Entertainment/Films has going for itself has been Matt Reeves (director) and in result THE BATMAN solo. Sure, there’s been brief moments where the spot light shined on the two quite intensely, but it’s now an after thought. And of course, the whole Zack Snyder (director), Joss Whedon (director) and JUSTICE LEAGUE “train wreck” has been a factor on that. Take a step back, and you can see Reeves and Batman have been a bit of a bleep on the radar instead of a Category-3 or 4 hurricane that the aforementioned have.

Well buckle up ladies and gentlemen, because I think this ride is about to get bumpy.

Mike Fleming Jr. of Deadline reported that Reeves has been making some big moves,

Matt Reeves, who moved from War For The Planet Of The Apes into writing to direct the next solo Batman movie for Warner Bros and DC, is berthing his 6th & Idaho banner to a deal that will give Netflix an exclusive first look at any feature films that Reeves wants to produce and/or direct through his production company.

Of course, I find him moving his production company as well as signing a “huge” deal with arguably the biggest direct-to-consumer streaming service interesting. It’s quite telling when you think about it. With the Disney/21st Century Fox acquisition going on, it appears as a precautionary move since he’s tied himself to Warner Bros./DC Films.

I also look at it from the angle of David Ayer (director) and BRIGHT. It appears that there’s definitely a working relationship that’s going on between Netflix and Warner Bros. to some degree, or at the very least, playing nice with each other knowing that they’re better off to work together than not.

This will surely play better into the bigger picture for DC Films (and by extension Warner Bros.) since it in a way cuts out critics from sabotaging THE BATMAN solo, as this deal will guarantee fans a “look behind the curtain” and allow them to form their own opinion. It seems like a huge win for all sides involved, and gets me amped for what Reeves has to give us.

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