Boston Celtics OVERPOWERS Cleveland Cavaliers

The highly anticipated rivalry between Kyrie and LeBron is giving the fans an early glimpse of what to expect in the playoffs.

Everyone has Kyrie Irving and the young Boston Celtics coming up short when the time matters (playoffs).

The Boston Celtics hosted Cleveland Cavaliers and wanted to show all the doubters and haters that they are going to be taken SERIOUS!!

Lebron James was doing what the usual Lebron James would do, be great.  Carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers once again without his #2 guy, Isaiah Thomas.

Lebron finished with 19-points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists.

Isaiah Thomas is currently on minutes restrictions and can not play in back to back games.

The first half of the Celtics home game was a battle between the two teams but the Celtics were starting to pull away early in the 2nd quarter.

Kevin Love had problems shooting 1/11 from the field.  He couldn’t find a way to get a basket.

The young guys on the Boston Celtics were ready to play.

Terry Rozier lead the way for Boston scoring 20 points shooting 66% from the field.
With the Celtics leading by 8 at half, Lebron James and the Cavs had to figure something out.

Kevin Love sat out the rest of the game due to an ankle injury.

In the 2nd half, it just seems like the Celtics were just bullying the Cavs.  The only time the Cavs held a lead was in the start of the first quarter.

The Celtics had a 23 point lead in the middle of fourth quarter which forced the MVP Brad Stevens to bench his starters and send the fans home early.

Boston was playing like a well ran team using ball movement and closing out on Cleveland shooters.

The Celtics finished with 27 to the Cavs 16 assists and 9 big time steals.

Isaiah Thomas received a standing ovation and received a lot of love from the Boston Fans.

Thomas is set to play in the next meeting in Boston on February 11, 2018.

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