I don’t think there’s been a more on the edge of your seat rollercoaster ride when it comes to box office performances than JUSTICE LEAGUE. That, of course, factoring in the overall ride of the movie from Zack Snyder’s (director) departure from the movie to “conspiracy like” critical reception. The story coming into Thanksgiving week was how would it perform as it went up against Pixar‘s COCO, and would its box office numbers continue to fall, thus proving it to be a bomb.

Well, as I pointed out, JUSTICE LEAGUE had seen a 40% rise from Monday to Tuesday and finally bumped its domestic number over $100M. Though, (its) Wednesday’s numbers according to Forbes had it down just 1% from Tuesday, as it brought in $10.45M.

This isn’t too surprising knowing that COCO hit theaters on Wednesday, and it brought in $13.242M.

Whenever there’s an “anticipated” movie hitting theaters, you expect to see a slight drop in numbers from a movie who’s been in theaters before it. And we saw that, but that then lead the story-line going into Thanksgiving with how the two would do against one another.

Variety reports that COCO topped JUSTICE LEAGUE on Thanksgiving by what can be argued as a (very) close margin. COCO pulled in $8.9M while JUSTICE LEAGUE made $8.5M. This of course puts the latter down from its Wednesday numbers, but as is the former. Of course, this is expected since it is the holiday and you’d expect most families to stay home instead of hitting the theaters.

So, according to Box Office Mojo JUSTICE LEAGUE has tallied $130,816,643 (domestically) and roughly $185M (internationally), which brings its global number to $315,816,643. As long as it can sustain good “legs” to the release of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI we should see solid numbers.

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