Box Office: JUSTICE LEAGUE finds its legs

After JUSTICE LEAGUE’s narrow defeat by Pixar‘s COCO on Thanksgiving, it appears that the (fan’s) word of mouth is surely turning out to give the “legs” that it’s in need of. As pointed out, JUSTICE LEAGUE had only made $8.5M on Thanksgiving, which was of no surprise. The holidays tend to affect all movies in some way, but it appears that things are looking up.

Scott Mendelson of Forbes reported that JUSTICE LEAGUE is up 94% from Thursday, as it reeled in an impressive $16.4M. This is better than its predecessors; MAN OF STEEL who dropped 77% from Friday to Friday (as JL dropped 57%), BATMAN V SUPERMAN’s 81% and even the mega hit that is WONDER WOMAN that dropped 58%. This brings JUSTICE LEAGUE to $147M (domestically), and a whopping $400M globally.

This is an example of a solid general audience reception, and a precursor of the “legs” that I (and every fan) have been hoping it would find.

Still, the challenge JUSTICE LEAGUE, Warner Bros. and DC Films face on the horizon is what will likely– no undoubtedly be a titan of a movie with Disney‘s STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, which will have a gigantic opening and substantial legs (of its own). The hope here is that JL will have enough “legs” at that point to “power” it through the storm and substantially onward enough to obtain a much more impressive domestic box office than what it currently does.

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