In one of the biggest mind blowing moments of the year, it’s being alleged by Mark Hughes (critic, contributor of Forbes) that someone or even Rotten Tomatoes has posted a review for JUSTICE LEAGUE under his name on the site.

I’ve been yelling from the top of the mountain for years now that critics and Rotten Tomatoes have been deliberately attacking the DCEU, and Zack Snyder (director.) That the unfair critiques of the DCEU for things that Marvel gets a pass on were a sign of an almost institutional bias against the two — DCEU and Snyder. Until now, it’s just been (basically) me being paranoid, but not anymore.

We find that Hughes who has been an overall fan of the DCEU, and at the least a fair critic became aware of the fact that a review for JUSTICE LEAGUE was posted to RT under his profile. Hughes tweeted,

This was music to my ears. It’s supporting evidence to what I’ve been suspecting.

At this stage, things just aren’t coincidence anymore; they’re not paranoia, or a fanboy mad at a negative review. To post a review under a critics name, through his profile without his consent is a new low. This is legitimate destabilization. And I say that, because it’s undeniable that the RT score does affect overall box office numbers to a degree.

There’s a portion of the audience who believe that RT is a neutral site to collect reviews and display a rating based on them. So when a movie has a rotten score of forty-something percent, it will turn that portion of the audience off, and thus they stay home instead of seeing the movie (ie. JUSTICE LEAGUE).

Now, Hughes did then backpedalled his initial vibe (of RT being responsible) by saying that there’s a “fault” in how things are rated on RT. That an in-between review is automatically given a rotten rating (despite the critic’s actual stance),

But that’s not exactly accurate.

As Peter Travers (critic) reviewed both JUSTICE LEAGUE and THOR: RAGNAROK where he gave the same basic summary of the two movies yet possessed two different stances– and yes, you guessed it! The one (RAGNAROK) was rated fresh and the other (JUSTICE LEAGUE) rotten.

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To say that a C+ gets a rotten rating while a B- is a fresh, and blame it on “site error” is absolutely disingenuous. It’s at best a way of shifting the attention on what is going on.

I don’t believe that this can be so easily blown off anymore. With evidence to back the fact that things are (a little more than) fishy, and there’s an absolute bias. This echoes what I’ve been preaching, to not base your decision on whether or not to go see a (DCEU) movie based on the RT score, and critics.

Overall I find myself even more curious as to how often this occurs (in Hughes’ case).

Make sure to go check Hughes’s real review of JUSTICE LEAGUE out over at Forbes.


  1. It was obviously just a mistake. If you honestly think this was a widespread thing that happened so that RT, who is owned by Warner Bros. BTW, could sabotage DC, there’s a whole host of other issues that you can’t ignore.

  2. RT operates basically on a pass/fail basis, so a cut-off must exist somewhere; whether it’s C+ vs B- or any other threshold, it’s arbitrary.
    Travers gave JL 2.5/4 and Ragnarok 3/4. I’m not sure why it’s an issue that his JL review is rotten and Thor is fresh

  3. Umm, no. This was probably a one time mistake. People make this claim everytime a new DC movie comes out. Time Warner owns both Rotten Tomatoes and DC. If they’re sabatoging their own products, then it’s through their own incompitent creative process.

  4. Stating a clear bias at the beginning of an article is never a good sign. As it happens, Peter Travers review of JL came off a more negative note than his review of TR, based on the summary quoted here.
    If anything, RT “helped” JL by withholding a rather low score as long as they did. I don’t think there is any conspiracy though, just leveraging power.

  5. Manipulative and Rotten to the core if proven to be true…well isnt it the trend of this certain brand to monopolize and buy every and all competition? Clearly Rotten Tomatoes is now a D!$N€¥ Company….😆😆😆

  6. Dude, stop. You are embarrassing yourself with this conspiracy nonsense. RT has no emotional stake in whether Marvel or DC wins the box office wars. Wonder Woman already disproved this theory with a 92% fresh rating. Aside from that, just accept that critics don’t like the DC movies as much because they’re simply not very good.

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