BREAKING: She said “yes!”

BREAKING: She said “yes!”
Art by David Finch and Danny Miki

Back in BATMAN #24, we saw possibly one of the largest character developments for a certain “noir hero” in perhaps a decade– Batman asked Catwoman to marry him.

Now, a few issues [eight to be exact] have gone by since then. The massive “bomb” dropped on us comic book fans has almost left our minds since its occurred, but right on time, Tom King (writer) reels us right– back– in. BATMAN #32 hit shelves. They’ve been hyping this issue since Friday, and in it we get Selina’s answer– “yes.”

BREAKING: She said “yes!”
Art by Mikel Janín

Now, there are plenty of comic book fans who are ecstatic over this. To some degree they’re rightfully so in being over the moon. It’s a huge moment in current CB history, and it definitely could open up a million more stories– I’m hyperbolizing there, but it would give us more stories that of which we’ve never seen before.

There’s a few things that bother me about this, though,

  1. It is a SALES GIMMICK. As much as I don’t want it to be, and I want to see Bruce compensated for his parents’ murders and the years of pain and suffering he’s gone through– this isn’t going to last, and its main point is to sell a shit ton of books.
  2. It’s an attempt to keep the self titled BATMAN book relevant with the monster event of DC METAL, and Sean Gordon Murphy’s (writer) new epic BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT. I love [Tom] King’s work — like GRAYSON and THE OMEGA MEN — but I’m going to be brutally honest here with you, his run of BATMAN has been sub par at best.
  3. As much as I want to see the “Caped Crusader” happy [and compensated as I had just said,] him [Bruce] getting married isn’t it. Batman being married doesn’t fit his character at all, unless you count to Gotham City— and we all know Talia doesn’t count. Bruce is a father, sure, and being married and a father works wonders for Superman, but Batman isn’t Superman.

I hate being the one to negatively dissect DC Comics, mainly because there’s already under an intense spotlight by those looking for anything wrong, but this deserved bringing up. Now I could be wrong. My view on this could be off, and I might be looking too much into this awesome moment. Hell, I’ll raise my hand and say that I didn’t even think she’d say “yes,” I as a matter of fact thought she was going to say “no.” Though, with everything that’s currently going on in the DCU, and with this obviously taking place before the events of DC METAL, I truly believe this is what I said… a sales gimmick.

I’m also willing to go as far as saying that I think Selina will be killed off to send Bruce down a dark path for a story arc [or two.] My reasoning being that Catwoman no longer has her own title, and that it doesn’t seem like she’s tied into anything else that’s currently going on or might be. Her death would be just as big [if not bigger] than Bruce and her getting married. Again, with DC METAL going on, it [her death] very well could tie into the event with having someone like THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS kill her.

I’ll definitely be following this close, and am extremely curious to see if I’m right and how this all unfolds.

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