Brian Michael Bendis — The Marvel icon now DC Comics newbie

In a move that occurred back in November making every comic book fan in existence close their eyes and question life itself, Brian Michael Bendis (writer) had signed exclusively with DC Comics. It’s been nearly several months with no word on when the Marvel icon will start, or what he’ll be working on.

Well, yesterday we got an answer to the former,

Now, whether or not Bendis is currently working on something for DC Comics has yet to be seen. The most we know is his acquisition is official, though, he’s still finishing up some work with Marvel that was set back due to medical issues.

Of course, this has my gears turning. I had speculated back in my article about his signing that,

I’ll make a prediction now, and that being that I’d put money (if I were a betting man) on his first title being JUSTICE LEAGUE come 2018-19.

I still stand firm by that prediction.

Bendis is undeniably a draw. The first book that he does for DC Comics will surely be a huge sell, maybe not DARK NIGHTS: METAL #1 numbers (262,000 copies), but definitely substantial in its own right. And with what has been an average at best current run of JUSTICE LEAGUE, it makes most sense that’s where he’ll end up.

Though, I think there is definitely potential that he’ll write a character who’s essentially a nobody. Or perhaps a B-level, similar to Tom King (writer) doing Mr. Miracle that has been beyond well received. This could definitely rise the stock in an “underrated” and underused character, which would potentially raise the possibility of said character being used in other mediums.

The fact that we have yet to be let in on what Bendis will be tackling as the rookie on the block kind of heightens the anticipation. You find yourself up to the crack of dawn, sitting in the dark with a single light on, smoking a pipe, looking at a glass of scotch and thinking, “What’s he going to do? How big of a project is it that they didn’t tell us yet? What are they planning?”

Now, I completely over exaggerated there… that is unless that’s how you think about things. Which is totally cool– ah, look, yet again I’m digressing. My point here, is that I think it’s a safe bet Bendis will either be announced on the creative team of JUSTICE LEAGUE, or a book like Aqualad. Whatever he does end up working on will certainly be the it book, and I hope it lives up to the already building hype.

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