Greg Capullo — Swamp Thing, and his “final Batman story”

I believe it’s fair to say that one constant in the “ever-changing” DC Comics’ universe has been Greg Capullo drawing “the Caped Crusader.” I, like everyone else who enjoys comics, can’t get enough of the “Commander-in-Chief of the Capullo Army” using his divine skill to grace us with some of the best Batman work there has ever been.

So it hit me hard when I came across Capullo’s tweet from a couple of days ago,

“Preppin’ for my final Batman story,” cuts through my soul like a knight’s sword piercing chainmail.

Now, before everyone jumps to conclusions (like what most tend to do), this could simply mean that Capullo and Scott Snyder aren’t doing a Batman book together for the foreseeable future after their upcoming Batman: The Last Knight on Earth book coming out of DC’s Black Label imprint. Now it could mean that he wants to step away Bruce and the cowl (completely), but there’s nothing that confirms or even hints to such. And let’s face it, this isn’t DC moving him away from “The Dark Knight” since any Batman book with his name on it is a guaranteed sell.

Something else that really got my attention was all of the WIPs Capullo has been posting on his socials over the past month (or so).

Tons of Swamp Thing coming from the “God of Art”, and man I love it!

Capullo’s style is a perfect match with the Avatar of the Green, and in general his past work on books like Spawn only reinforce what I would say could be a mind-blowing Swamp Thing book out of Capullo— if that’s what might be coming down the pipeline!

We currently don’t know if there’s a Capullo/Swamp Thing book in the works, or if he’s just enjoying sketching Alec Holland, or if he’s working on something that just happens to have Swampy in it. At this point, all I recommend anyone do is to just sit back, put some metal music on and enjoy the ride that Capullo takes us on. The view — his art — is going to be nice, and the adventure will be one to remember.

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