BATMAN NINJA — From KILL LA KILL to the “Dark Knight”

This will definitely be must watch material when it comes out, and definitely broadens DC Comics’ horizon as they’re branching out to and taking advantage of their fans in the East.


There had been rumblings for a while around this “wild west infinity” that we all like to call the internet of a “Batman meets anime” project going on. Nothing was ever confirmed, or any weight really thrown at it other than the usual, “Whoa! That would be awesome if done right,” usuals. I can vaguely remember the talks dying off not too long after the original rumor had spread like a wild-fire. Then in October [of this year] at New York Comic Con there was a short clip shown to attendees, which both confirmed said rumblings, and thrusting those who got to see it into this Japanese hyper-stylized world of the “Caped Crusader.”

Of course, nothing was put online and it left us [who didn’t get to see it] floundering– until now! Continue reading “BATMAN NINJA — From KILL LA KILL to the “Dark Knight””