DCEU — Is there trouble in the Speed Force?

Out of the slate of DC Comics movies we got a couple of years ago, there’s one that drew the short straw — The Flash. Of course excluding Cyborg, which seems to be having its own issues. Whether it’s been The Flash losing multiple directors, or an actor who was cast being cut (due to the Justice League screwup) and then … Read more

TITANS — “F@#$ Batman!”

One of DC Comics’ big bets to the future of their direct-to-consumer streaming service — DC Universe — is their live-action TITANS show. And there’s been some buzz around it sporadically as bits and pieces had been either officially released (like with the first shot of Brenton Thwaites as Robin/Dick Grayson), or leaked (as in the case of Anna … Read more

Is the DCEU Lost?

One thing is for certain: the DCEU has had one hell of a turbulent ride the last year. It’s undeniable that the film universe has become highly polarized, and with the recent “bomb” that was Justice League there was a feel of “Could this be the end?”. But things (for a moment) had been appearing to stabilize, and … Read more


As a huge fan of The Realm and the brilliant minds that make up its creative team, I was beyond ecstatic when issue-7 hit shelves. Jeremy Haun and Seth M. Peck have (and continue to) managed to forge a transcending idea with their combination of the highly popculturized post-apocalyptic and the game of the nerd, Dungeons … Read more