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Did James Wan give us our First Look at Aquaman vs Orm?

It seems undeniable that the most anticipated movie coming out in December is DC Films' Aquaman, which is directed by James Wan and staring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard and Patrick...


The [almost] hindsight factor for this issue's true success will come out of whether or not there's any real capitalization on the Lois portion of the issue…


The heroes of the DCEU have come together, which means JUSTICE LEAGUE is finally here!


Every once in a while there's a book that comes out and I pass on it at first, but come back the next time I'm in the (comic) shop,...

Review: THE FLASH #68

All James Jesse has ever wanted was to be remembered, but out of all the villains in The Flash's Rogues Gallery, The Trickster is widely considered the...

Greg Capullo — Swamp Thing, and his “final Batman story”

I believe it's fair to say that one constant in the "ever-changing" DC Comics' universe has been Greg Capullo drawing "the Caped Crusader." I, like everyone else who enjoys...

BREAKING: Rotten Tomatoes allegedly sabotages JUSTICE LEAGUE

Overall I find myself even more curious as to how often this occurs [in Hughes' case.]

Marvel legend Stan Lee accused of sexual misconduct

No man, woman or "legend" has the right to do what's being alleged, let alone get away with such atrocities.

Robert Venditti’s Hal & GLC title ends its run, New title in the works

We became aware that Robert Venditti (and team) will be departing Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps come issue #50 back in May. You could say it was a sad...


Batman, Superman, Catwoman and Lois were the noodles, chicken, carrots and celery, and there was plenty of that. I'd argue an overabundance of that, and thus it lacked the broth.