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This is where DC absolutely destroys other comic book companies. They allow their multiverse of multiverses to play on each other and interact.

Review: I’m hyped for Jeremy Haun’s “THE REALM,” and why you should be, too

I’ve been a HUGE fan of artist and inker extraordinaire, Jeremy Haun, for quite some time now. I’ve been, and like to think, a very vocal advocate about how...

REVIEW: DARK NIGHTS: METAL, Is the Hype Legitimate?

There was one truly irrefutable truth out of DC Comics’ reboot – the “NEW 52” – roughly seven years ago, which was that the BATMAN title written by Scott...

REVIEW: The Long Awaited SDCC Justice League Exclusive Trailer

For well over two decades we’ve had the likes of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Trilogy,” Joss Whedon’s “Avengers,” the Russo brother’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder...