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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Tom Cruise — “I’ll never say no…” and the DCEU

Everyone knows that there was one very important character missing from DC Comics'  Justice League movie, and that character being Hal Jordan. It was speculated plenty (by fans) that he'd be a surprise...


At the end of Scott Snyder's Dark Nights Metal story arc, it's revealed that the actions of the Justice League that saved the universe from Barbatos have inadvertently broken...


If the opening issue of Southern Bastards was a gain of six on first down, this second issue was converting that second and four into a solid gain of twelve yards,...


Hawkman Found feels more like one of the good M. Night Shyamalan movies.

Review: THE FLASH #37

[This issue] highlights Captain Cold's approach to being a criminal. He is the leader of The Flash's Rogues Gallery, who he considers a "family". He is precise, professional

FOX’s ‘The New Mutants’ Release Date Pushed Back 10 Months

Some insiders say that the studio didn't want the film to compete with Deadpool 2 in overseas markets…

DC Films: Will WONDER WOMAN ever stop winning

In this current politically "hot" time when there's a lot of focus on women, and injustices against them; whether it's the "#MeToo" movement, or simply empowering.

FOLLOW UP: Brian Michael Bendis 1st DC Comics project

It works as essentially a "lite launch" of the "Bendis Brand" now that he's donning a blue jersey.

Tom King — Superman and challenging canon

This is all coming off of what looks to be King wanting a "corner office" in the name department of the comic book industry.

‘Teen Titans GO! to the Movies’ Teaser Trailer — A Blend of Smart AND...

Will Teen Titans GO! to the Movies really be the superhero movie to end all superhero movies?