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WONDER WOMAN 2 — Zack Snyder Remains in Producer Chair

It wasn't too long ago when we learned that Zack Snyder would be stepping down from Justice League due to personal issues. It came as quite the shock to the...

OPINION: The World doesn’t need Batman anymore

Something that slightly concerns me (as a writer) is the over saturation of a character, or story genre. As a consumer, I'm extremely concerned by over saturation, because when...

What could Tom Cruise mean for the Green Lantern Franchise

When a rumor hits the interwebs, there's one thing for sure: expect the most extreme take on it from both directions. So when the rumor of Tom Cruise being a...

Tom Cruise — “I’ll never say no…” and the DCEU

Everyone knows that there was one very important character missing from DC Comics'  Justice League movie, and that character being Hal Jordan. It was speculated plenty (by fans) that he'd be a surprise...

DCEU — Is there trouble in the Speed Force?

Out of the slate of DC Comics movies we got a couple of years ago, there's one that drew the short straw — The Flash. Of course excluding Cyborg, which seems to...

DC Films: Shakeup confirmed, Walter Hamada promoted to head

It's not too surprising to see Warner Bros. tap a veteran in the area of producing and production.

DC Entertainment Shakeup — Geoff Johns Out, Jim Lee In

After the shakeup that was Geoff Johns demoted to a solely advisory role in DC Films with Walter Hamada being made head of the studio, we're now seeing another massive...

“Zod Neck Snap” and “Martha” – The missed greatness behind two of Zack Snyder’s...

As a writer the job is to write interesting and compelling stories that readers will enjoy and appreciate as time goes on.

TITANS — Just when you thought Hawk and Dove couldn’t look cool

It's melding the campiness of the characters with a realistic approach to the question, "How would Hank and Dawn look if they were in the real world?"

REVIEW: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – The Misunderstood Masterpiece

There’s always something we can take away from a movie that has so many messages and symbolism with every day life.