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The 4th movie in the Purge franchise takes us back where it all begun. Did the film complete all the missing holes? Does its intensity reach the bar set...

Ben Affleck — The “sources” strike again

At this point, all I can say as a fellow DCEU fan is to ignore the noise.

MARVEL’s Captain America — “Winter Soldier” v “Civil War”

"The same character [Black Panther] I said the movie would've been the same without, he had the most (and honestly only) character development throughout the entire movie."

Disney’s SOLO — A struggling Star Wars Story

After what was a widely mixed received The Last Jedi, we come upon the latest of Disney's Star Wars movies — Solo: A Star Wars Story. It's an origin story of the...

Box Office: JUSTICE LEAGUE finds its legs

This is an example of a solid general audience reception, and a precursor of the "legs" that I [and every fan] have been hoping it would find.


In a 1960s research facility, a mute janitor forms a relationship with an aquatic creature.

DCEU — Is there trouble in the Speed Force?

Out of the slate of DC Comics movies we got a couple of years ago, there's one that drew the short straw — The Flash. Of course excluding Cyborg, which seems to...


After his 16-year-old daughter goes missing, a desperate father breaks into her laptop to look for clues to find her. What secrets does he find? Where do they lead...

WONDER WOMAN — Gal Gadot draws a line in the sand

I'm proud of Gal for standing up for other women, and truly embodying her character [Wonder Woman.]

TITANS — You don’t know Dick

I don't quite understand how this won't just been TEEN Titans with only the latter of it being used to promote.