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Monday, August 20, 2018

Cavaliers vs Warriors: Are you ready now?

Twenty-fifteen, 2016, 2017 and now 2018 the Cavaliers will face the Warriors in the NBA finals. The King of the East vs the strongest the West have to offer....

Prediction: Yankees vs Orioles

Thirty-five wins and 17 losses have the Yankees sitting comfortably in the 2nd spot of the American League. Even through ups and downs, they ended up having a pretty good...

Aaron Judge & Didi Gegorius — Road back to vs The Texas Rangers

Welcome back to the line-up Didi Gegorius, now let’s get you back on track and swinging for the fences. Aaron Judge is no longer the home run leader for...

REAL OR NAR!?: Are you sold on the Raptors this season? 

Toronto never seemed like a real team, everyone viewed them as a one on one team who only performs during the regular season.

NFL: Falcons at Eagles Divisional Round

Losing Carson Wentz was the worst that could happen to a team that was looking to get back into title contention.

NFL: Titans at Patriots Divisional Round

The Titans are going all in "Live or Die" state of mind, and that should not be taken lightly.

The Power of Lavar Ball and why we entertain his words

Lavar knows how to make others respond. He has mastered the game of attention.

NFL: Wild Card weekend recap

Every play, every defensive stop yelling and celebrating like my life was depending on it.

Isaiah Thomas video tribute trumps Paul Pierce Jersey retirement

Paul Pierce Jersey retirement, or Isaiah Thomas's first game against Boston?

Top 5 Underrated Players we should lookout for

When it comes to the NBA, there's definitely five players who've been overlooked.