Breaking: Disney, 21st Century Fox acquisition and the likelihood of a DOJ block

The DOJ will look at the wider scope, which is that this in all essence would form an entertainment monger, and has extensive “reshaping implications” on the landscape that almost weaponizes the industry in their favor.


For [roughly] the last two weeks– hell, even longer it’s been basic “acceptance” that Disney would be acquiring a large portion of 21st Century Fox‘s assets. Brent Lang of Variety reported earlier this week to expect a deal to be announced Thursday [today,] and I don’t think it’s wrong to just accept that it would be happening. And as we’ve found out today, Brookes Barnes of the New York Times confirmed it appears to be happening, Continue reading “Breaking: Disney, 21st Century Fox acquisition and the likelihood of a DOJ block”

Déjà vu — Disney and 21st Century Fox acquisition talks near deal

As we’ve seen, the Trump Administration’s DOJ seems hellbent on upholding antitrust laws…


Roughly a month ago we found out that there were talks between 21st Century Fox and Disney, which would see the latter acquiring [nearly] everything of the former except for its news, sports and broadcast networks. This is huge talks since we’ve seen the rise of AT&T attempting to acquire Time Warner, which [if successful] on both ends would be a colossal shift to the media outlet landscape.

Though, talks on the two acquisitions had come to a screeching halt for both. For Time Warner/AT&T being that the Department of Justice filed suit to block the merger, while 21st Century Fox/Disney talks were reported to have stalled. Continue reading “Déjà vu — Disney and 21st Century Fox acquisition talks near deal”

JUSTICE LEAGUE — Internal struggles, corporate greed and contradictions

Perception here speaks for itself, as it appears to be more dirt kicked at JUSTICE LEAGUE after its poor [domestic] opening weekend and the [so-far] failed merger.


It seems like since May [of this year] we’ve been on the longest rollercoaster ride since the invention of rollercoasters, and the twists and turns just keep coming. I thought that when the news of Zack Snyder (director) stepping down from JUSTICE LEAGUE had broke, it was the worst possible scenario. That being because it came with the news of Joss Whedon (director) filling in for Snyder, and finishing the post production that he was unable to since the unfortunate tragedy of his daughter, Autumn’s, death. It was an emotional time for the Snyders, and beyond understandable for them [Zack and Deborah] to take a step back.

Since that point, there’s been an almost incalculable number of twists and turns. We’ve seen the “reshoots” debacle, rewrites to make the movie more “light and hopeful,” and most recently the “Snyder Cut.” Continue reading “JUSTICE LEAGUE — Internal struggles, corporate greed and contradictions”

LONZO BUSTZO?!: is Lonzo Ball a bust?

Last night Lonzo scores 3 points going 1-7 from the field against the Clippers to another Lakers loss.

Lonzo Ball has been a regular topic when it comes to sports news and rumours. If it isn’t his career it’s his family and if it isn’t his family it’s his music and if it isn’t his signature shoes, it’s his hair. Ball may be the most scrutinised rookie to play in any sport ever.

Now everyone and their mamma knows this is because of his father and his inability to shut his mouth. Saying various outlandish things like “my son is better than Steph Curry” and “I [Lavar] can beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1”

Talk that has been lurking around Ball is that he is a bust and shouldn’t have been selected with the 2nd overall pick. Looking at his contemporaries like Dennis Smith Jr and Jayson Tatum, even closer to home his team mate Kyle Kuzma they are all having great rookie campaigns to just name a few. Lonzo on the other hand is averaging 9PPG, 7APG and 7RPG. This looks promising but when you take a deeper look at his stats you realise how much trouble the Lakers could be in the near future. Ball is shooting 40% from the free throw line, 30% from the field and an atrocious 24% from three.

Watching Lonzo he started with such promise having a great second game one assist shy of a triple double. He also is the youngest player in NBA player history to record two triple doubles and such a fast rate. This is all great but when you examine his game he’s too weak to finish, due to his shot form his midrange game is an absolute myth (can only hit a jumper going left). His three point shot making is terrible also shockingly he’s a worse free throw shooter than Dwight Howard and Shaq, heck I’d even put money on DeAndre Jordan to beat him in a game of killer.

The most alarming stat is his free throw shooting because it shows his lack of comfortability. He was never an amazing free throw shooter (shooting 60% in college) but 42% for a guard is beyond terrible.

Some people even think that Ball should be relegated to the G League (formally known as the D League). Would that help Lonzo? Of course not! He would be playing a Patrick Beverly every night hungry for a contract and in terms of his confidence it wouldn’t do anything but make it worse than it already is.

If Ball wasn’t the 2nd overall pick and wasn’t hyped up by his father and Magic Johnson we wouldn’t care about his terrible season so far due to the fact he is a rookie and has time to grow. Unfortunately that isn’t the case so Lonzo will continue to face this criticism throughout his rookie year and probably throughout his career.

Is he a bust? We can’t decide that now we need to evaluate a whole year so the jury is still out on Ball’s legitimacy as the second pick overall.

THE FUED CONTINUES: Birth of a NBA Rivalry!

Tonight the Sacramento Kings host the Los Angeles Lakers. Last year this would be a game nobody would stay up for, two non-playoff bound teams going head to head in a meaningless game.

This year the game has much relevance two lottery picks (2nd and 5th) go head to head for the first time due to Ball having injuries in previous matchups. This isn’t any old rookie matchup, this could add fire to the rivalry already brewing between the 2nd and 5th picks. Lonzo Ball and De’Aaron Fox are familiar with each other from their NCAA days playing the same position naturally becoming each other’s competition. Both winning games against each other with Fox getting the greater win. Fox torched Ball for 39 points and in doing so he knocked Ball’s Bruins out of the March Madness tournament. Fox credited his performance to Lavar’s comparisons between Lonzo and Curry. Fox just wanted to shut him up.

After his career night in College Lonzo’s father shadow boxed Fox’s 39 by preaching that “he [Fox] can’t shoot” and “Lonzo is still better than him”. Fox’s father even added some coal to the fire saying “my son ate his ass up twice” this rivalry could be bigger than basketball!

Tonight could be a revenge game for Lonzo after getting torched in March madness or it could be another opportunity for Fox to expose Lonzo again. With both the young talents showing their promise early, Lonzo with triple doubles and Fox with a buzzer beater to win the game, tonight could promise to be the beginning of great matchups between these two guards.

AT&T out: Will Disney fill in the buyer role of Time Warner?

At the least, it seems that [Disney purchasing Time Warner] would be a win/win.


A little more than a year ago (October 2016) it was announced that AT&T and Time Warner had come to an agreement that would see the former purchase the latter for $85.4B. This sent a shock wave through multiple communities, one especially being the DC Comics community as it wasn’t sure what this would mean for it. We’ve since seen stories break about the possible merger of [mega-power] Disney and a 21st Century Fox “merger” that sent similar shock waves, but as soon as that was on the table it was gone. It appears that this is now the case with Time Warner/AT&T. Continue reading “AT&T out: Will Disney fill in the buyer role of Time Warner?”

Local U.S: Parents lose custody because of low IQs.

amy-fabbriniAmy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler lost custody of their eldest son, Christopher, shortly after he was born and social services took their second son, Hunter, directly from hospital after he was born.


“We have cut the links between child and parent, and between man and man, and between man andwoman. No one dares trust a wife or a child or a friend any longer. But in the future there will be no wives and no friends. Children will be taken from their mothers at birth, as one takes eggs from a hen.”

An excerpt from George Orwell’s 1984.

A couple are fighting a protracted legal battle after they lost custody of their children because they have “limited cognitive abilities“.

Amy Fabbrini, 31, and Eric Ziegler, 38, have been trying to prove to the state of Oregon for nearly four years that they are intellectually capable of raising their children.

The state’s Department of Human Services removed their eldest son, Christopher, shortly after he was born, because both parents had “limited cognitive abilities that interfere with [their] ability to safely parent the child,” The Oregonian reports.

Five months ago, they took their second son, Hunter, directly from hospital after he was born.

Members of the family alerted the authorities when Ms Fabbrini brought Christopher to her father’s home, where she was also looking after her 6-year-old twins from a previous marriage.

Child welfare records accused Mr Ziegler of “sleeping with the baby on the floor and [having] almost rolled over on him,” as well as being “easily frustrated” and saying he “often forgets to feed his dog.”

Ms Fabbrini’s father, Raymond Fabbrini, told The Oregonian: “She doesn’t have the instincts to be a mother.”

He added: “Me and Amy were never close. She got me mad so many times. She wouldn’t do nothing.”

Psychological tests said Ms Fabbrini had an IQ of about 72, placing her at the “extremely low to borderline range of intelligence”. Mr Ziegler was given an IQ of around 66, putting him in the “mild range of intellectual disability”.

The average IQ is between 90 and 110.

An advocator for the couple, Sherrene Hagenbach, said: “They are saying they are intellectually incapable without any guidelines to go by.”

No domestic abuse or neglect was found in the case.

Ms Hagenbach added: “They’re saying that this foster care provider is better for the child because she can provide more financially, provide better education, things like that.

“If we’re going to get on that train, Bill Gates should take my children. There’s always somebody better than us, so it’s a very dangerous position to be in.”

Ms Hagenbach started a petition, which has over 1,600 supporters, to return Christopher and Hunter to Ms Fabbrini and Mr Ziegler’s care.

“I quickly discovered that this family had no problem at all taking care of their son. They showed loving attention, were attentive to his needs, and at this point had been fighting faithfully in court for almost three years to prove to CPS that they were capable and loving parents.”

Ms Hagenbach, board member of Healthy Families of the High Desert, added: “In my professional opinion, after multiple sessions observing Amy and Eric interact with their son for hours on end, I found no reason they should have had their child taken from them and placed in the State’s care.

“Any reasonably trained and educated CPS worker should have arrived at the same conclusion, as I documented in the session notes of every visit.

“The couple demonstrated competent parenting skills with Christopher, had no history of abuse or neglect, and expressed a deep desire to have Christopher returned to them to raise him along with the mother’s twin boys.”