So, every once in a while I find myself pondering many questions that are just pebbles in the gigantic ocean known as existence. One of those (and hear me out) is… why are we getting a New Gods movie?

Deadline‘s Dominic Pattern and Mike Fleming Jr. reported that,

[Ava DuVernay is] closing a deal with Warner Bros and DC to direct a big-budget screen adaptation of The New Gods…

This is apparently a huge deal, as DuVernay is getting big attention (and not necessarily the best, but I guess “any publicity is good publicity”) due to her most recent movie A WRINKLE IN TIME. I personally have never heard of her before seeing the news that she’s “close to closing a deal,” which in reality could be absolutely nothing since we see all the time that a director is close to getting a deal and then it falls through.

Hell, THE FLASH has seen a handful of directors now (hyperbole of course), but it has gone through a few, and has been set back each time.

My real gripe with this is that no one’s asked for a New Gods movie. Beside Steppenwolf in JUSTICE LEAGUE, we’ve seen almost nothing of them in the DCEU. (That would be different if Zack Snyder had finished his cut of the film.) To be honest, I’m not even sure the general audience would connect well to the “civil war having” race, which is split between HIGHFATHER and his ilk on New Genesis and DARKSEID and his on Apokolips.

If there was more introduction to these highly complex characters, sure, I wouldn’t see a problem. Though, there isn’t.

I’m curious to see if there’s any follow through here, and how the impending failure of A WRINKLE IN TIME (as it’s only amounted $42,148,431 thus far) may affect DuVernay’s chances on the director chair.