What’s been rumored and semi-confirmed for a couple of months was officially confirmed today with the promotion of Walter Hamada (Executive Vice President of Production and New Line Cinema) to DC Films head.

It’s not too surprising to see Warner Bros. tap a veteran in the area of producing and production. As Hamada was apart of the success we saw out of James Wan’s (director of AQUAMAN) Conjuring franchise. This instantly gives him a great deal of value, and shows he has the potential to steer the massive ship that is DC Films.

Unlike what was originally speculated that Geoff Johns (President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment) would move to a more consultant type of role with the “coming” shakeup, it appears he’ll remain.

Beatrice Verhoeven and Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap reported,

[Walter] Hamada will oversee DC’s upcoming slate and is set to work closely with Geoff Johns…

It’s not too surprising since Johns had only really ascended to the co-chair of heading up DC Films sometime last year, and the first project he actually had his hands in being the well received and highly successful WONDER WOMAN.

I’m curious to see if Hamada puts his own spin on the DCEU, and if we’ll see any changes to the lineup going forward.


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