It wasn’t too long ago when word broke Henry Cavill was looking to extend his contract for the DCEU. It’s absolutely of no surprise that Cavill would be looking to do such. He’s made it quite clear he loves the role, and being apart of the extended universe as Superman. Most notably being the way he joked about his mustache and finally shaving it.

It’s become quite the running joke, as even Zack Snyder made a (bit of a backhanded) quip when talking about shaving his beard. But I digress…

From Cavill’s manager “confriming” MAN OF STEEL 2 to his recent fueling of rumors regarding Superman appearing in SHAZAM!, it looks like something may be on the horizon,

Dany Garcia (who’s Cavill’s manager) tweeted the above, and it appears that the two are planning some great stuff. Now of course the question is, “What?” If we take in what has been teased and rumored, we could assume it’s that we’ll see Cavill donning the super-suit much sooner than anyone might have anticipated.

But before anyone goes and jumps to conclusions, this could be one of the biggest throw-away tweets of all time (in regard to Cavill/DCEU). With such little information in it, and its vague nature leads me to question what its purpose actually is.

Is it a tease that something’s on the horizon? Or is this a PR boost for Cavill after JUSTICE LEAGUE bombed at the box-office?

The optimist in me says its the former, but the recency-bias realist is screaming the latter. Rational me is sitting here thinking, “Eh, I don’t know? Maybe it’s a little of both,” and I think that could very well be what it is. So until we recieve more concrete information on what the tweeted photo is in reference to, caution is what I’m prescribing.