The verdict is in. And to be honest, I feel a bit sick. Why you might ask, and well, let me tell you… Not in a million years did I ever think I’d live to see the day where a live-action JUSTICE LEAGUE movie would be the lowest grossing of its extended universe. Jump in that DeLorean and slam your foot on the gas until it reaches 88-mph and you come back from the future (eh, technically the present, but you get what I mean) and tell me it would, I’d laugh at you until I was blue in the face. There’s no way in hell I’d believe it was true.

Well, it’s true, and man-oh-man does it sting on all levels.

Derek Lawrence of Entertainment Weekly reported,

Justice League falls roughly $10 million short of [Man of Steel]…

I want to bury my head in the ground after coming to grips that’s actually right.

Zack Snyder‘s MAN OF STEEL brought in $668,045,518 while (Joss Whedon’s botched alteration of Snyder’s) JUSTICE LEAGUE did $657,924,295. This is a travesty. Every movie should be making more going forward, and of course there’s exceptions, but overall (and especially so with the League) it should make more than its predecessor.

This raises a few points in my mind:

  1. Geoff Johns’ “Hope and Optimism” is great, but failed: Before you rally the town’s folk let me clarify here… There’s definitely room for hope-and-optimism in the DCEU. We saw it, and it was beautiful — WONDER WOMAN. And if Johns and the suits at Warner Bros. would’ve listened to the original vision for the DCEU, that all the movies exist in the same universe, but bring their own tone and vision to the overall vision of the extended universe, we wouldn’t be at this point where saying, “Pump the breaks on the h&o.”
  2. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: Literally, that explains it self, but I’ll hammer it out for ya’. Snyder’s vision was working, despite the critics and bloggers trying to sabotage it at every turn. (His vision thus far had brought in $1,541,680,437. Yeah, that’s a billion with a “B”.) Yet, as we’re finding out as the world moves along with social media, it seems the loud shrieking screams of the twitter mob outweighs the majority. In end when you try to fix what’s not broke, you get a movie that likely would’ve made more than BATMAN V SUPERMAN’s $800+M if Snyder would’ve been left alone and instead made less than the spearhead movie.
  3. “What now?”: I keep finding myself asking myself, “What now?” JUSTICE LEAGUE is in all senses of the word, a bomb. It made less than every movie that came before it. So now what? Well, I’m hoping that Walter Hamada rights this ship, and knowing he was overwatch behind James Wan’s CONJURING Universe, it gets my hopes up that he’ll bring us back to the ideals and vision Snyder had.

At this point, I think all we can do (as a fanbase) is look ahead. We have to hope (and maybe even pray) that the ship we all call the DCEU doesn’t sink. Ironically, the next step is underwater as Wan and Jason Momoa bring us the world of Aquaman and Atlantis.

AQUAMAN hits theaters December 21, 2018.