Let me tell you a little story from my trip this new year’s trip to Venice, on my way home.

My partner and I arrived at Luton Airport and started talking to a British couple that had just arrived back from a trip around Europe, utterly upset. Why? Because at every border where they had to show their passport, the officials were amused and said;

“Well, after Brexit you will have to apply for a visa to visit each country and will take up to eight weeks and it will cost you between £70 and £100 or more and there will be no easy online system to apply for it with, as after all, why the hell are we in europe going to pay to make things easier for you brits just because they want out of the eu.”

First of all, that is absolutely sad. I’m from Slovenia, I love living and working in London and we all loved the freedom of movement. The above was my first source, however soon a collegue told me the same from his visit to Turkey. Turkey? Interesting. So I started calling the European Embassies here in London. They were being very diplomatic about it and said they are still waiting on how the negotiations will actually go. Hmmmm…meaning, they are not denying that this might actually be the case, perhaps?

Negotiations? Is the EU really negotiating? What do the officials know that we don’t and that the Embassies are not admitting to?

This…is just the start of my digging.

On Sunday I woke up from a horrible dream that I was being deported. Did you know that if you’re deported and you didn’t go quickly enough of your own volition at first notice, that you can’t come back to the UK for 10 years, not even apply for a visa, not even as a tourist?

So I opened Google and searched, my heart racing and not believing that I will find anything on deportations. But I did. Facts, figures. Not many articles within the last 3 years, but lots of deportations, so it could easily get overlooked and lost. But The Guardian was among them reporting. And FYI, I am waiting for the Home Office to send me the latest actual figures of EU Citizens being deported. This is being completed via a source of mine.

And this is our everyday life, we Europeans talk amongst ourselves and we hear, a friend’s husband was asked to leave, he was from Brazil and can only apply for a visa after a year. So husband and wife won’t see each other for a least a year unless she leaves the UK and follows him. A lot of Australians and New Zealanders are leaving, literally after having lived and worked here for over a decade, selling their houses, packing up their families and going back home. Why? I thought they had nothing to fear?

And EU Citizens being already deported every year in the thousands and the numbers are rising. Read the articles, read the links I’m posting. God forbid you would marry a UK Citizen now, it could be seen as an illegal attempt to stay in the country and even grounds for deportation. My partner is in fact British and it’s one of the things we’ve discussed and have already agreed that we’re holding off marriage until after all of this has blown over.

There is more, so much more that I have dug out, on official Government sites with a lovely pdf document stating how we EU Nationals have nothing to fear. But, right at the beginning around paragraph 5 it states;

“The below is valid until it is no longer valid.”

I gave the weird sentence for British people to read. What now? Did I understand that correctly? They say I did. Basically, whatever the Governments are telling us is pure bullshit, pardon my language. This is not just a UK play. This is European play. Europe is in this madness just as deeply as the UK. Why I do think so? All countries are turning far right. Coincedence? I don’t think so.

I’ve seen it all before when Yugoslavia was falling apart and the EU, UK and the US took apart a highly functioning country and the local Government that played along, manipulated the media, threw sand in our eyes, played the different nations and ethnic groups against each other, used the low level of education of certain people and their hot passionate blood…brother was killing brother, neighbours of 50 years against their neighbours…mass graves worse than anything you’ve seen from the Second World War.

In the middle of Europe…

In the middle of the 90’s…

…and we all let it happen.

I am deeply sad if the British Citizens will to stay imprisoned basically on their own little island with no more sun. That we won’t be sharing the same space any more in relative harmony.

It has already stareted, the playing us against each other. I came here as part of one unity, the EU. I had mostly the same rights…and now I’m suddenly, practically overnight, categorised as an ‘immigrant’? Why? I wasn’t an ‘immigrant’ 5 minutes ago? I am still not an immigrant according to every law in the place. And yet. We are being called ‘immigrants’, we are already being deported or forcibly removed.

And best of all, the USA apparently thinks, or their population does at least, that the process of Brexit is happening within one big happy family and it’s all fine.

Nothing is fine…


This is not me just observing and being upset. This is me observing now for quite a while, having this horrible feeling in my stomach and disbelief ever since I first heard that the vote for Brexit is happening and now I’ve decided to show my political side. Because after watching so many of my friends die in Yugoslavia, I became deeply sceptic and political, I just don’t walk about, not without having an idea of what could be done. Of course we can do a lot.

We have so much power it’s unbelievable. Completely peaceful but gigantic power. But we need to start reading, researching, digging, talking and sharing our experiences, sharing facts. And not just quietly hopting that what is being said on TV isn’t true.

We are pawns and we’re being used, all of us, European Citizens just the same as British Citizens and everyone else. Used for what and to what end? Well, that is the question, isn’t it? Slowly but surely the world has turned the industrial revolution backwards. Why have we died in the French, Russian and American Revolutions for an 8 hour working day, just to spend more and more hours at work, not seeing out children nor our friends, being kept apart, heads down, no time to look up and see what’s actually going on.

And we’re saying nothing and playing along and boilling that hot water slowly like that famous happy little green, innocent frog that didn’t realise he’s being screwed over, pardon, I mean, cooked.

Do you feel like a frog?