FOLLOW UP: Brian Michael Bendis 1st DC Comics project

After plenty of speculation as to what DC Comics newbie, Brian Michael Bendis (writer), would be working on first as apart of his exclusive multiyear, multi-faceted deal with DC Comics, we now have an answer.

Russ Burlingame of reported,

Longtime Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis’s first published work under his long-term DC-exclusive contract will be a backup story in Action Comics #1000…

I think it’s important to point out here, since I think it’s being overlooked and a bit misinterpreted, that Bendis is writing only “part” of the story to ACTION COMICS #1000. The oversized historic issue’s main story will be written by Dan Jurgens (writer) who has been on the title since DC REBIRTH, as well as Peter J. Tomasi (writer) who is no stranger to the “Man of Steel.”

This still leaves what Bendis will be writing regularly up in the air.

I stand firm by what I had speculated when covering Bendis’ official start working at DC Comics, that he’ll write either JUSTICE LEAGUE (come 2018-19), or a B-level character in order to bring more relevance to said character. Though this “start” for Bendis is a smart move on DC Comics‘ part. It works as essentially a “lite launch” of the “Bendis Brand” now that he’s donning a blue jersey. It’ll be a taste for those who haven’t read much of the Marvel legend’s work, and a hold over for those who are drooling to read his new work.

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