FOLLOW UP: RatPac Entertainment “out”

After tons and tons of speculation on what Warner Bros. and DC Films would actually do when it came down to Brett Ratner (producer) and his company, RatPac Entertainment, with WONDER WOMAN 2, (it appears) we have the answer.

After a Warner Bros. “insider” suggested that Gal Gadot (actress, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman) was pulling a power move to get the WONDER WOMAN producer (Ratner) completely eliminated from his and his company’s involvement in the highly anticipated sequel, there was plenty of rumors shooting around on what the final word would be. I had wrote,

Warner Bros./DC Films really aren’t taking a huge risk by cutting ties with Ratner and RatPac Entertainment due to the fact that WONDER WOMAN 2 is [almost] guaranteed to bring in $1B at box office…

And apparently, Warner Bros. has already cut ties with RatPac Entertainment, and the company will not be producing WONDER WOMAN 2. According to Patty Jenkins who was asked by Entertainment Tonight about whether or not Ratner’s company would have any involvement in producing the sequel, she said (in regards to RatPac Entertainment not producing the upcoming movie),

That whole thing happened weeks ago. That actually had nothing to do with Gal. That was a forgone conclusion I think.

I feel 100% confident with saying that the reasoning I had on if Warner Bros. did remove the company from producing is most likely a factor that played into the end result. They couldn’t risk losing Gadot over this whole political storm, and cutting him (and his company) made her look like a “knight in shining armor” by risking it all to cut out the “vile.”

So in end, it’s a win/win for everyone involved on the “right side.”

WONDER WOMAN 2 will soon start filming, and is slated for November 1st, 2019.

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