FOX’s ‘The New Mutants’ Release Date Pushed Back 10 Months

Well… that was quite unexpected. Fox has decided to do a little rearranging to their upcoming X-Men universe films by changing the release dates for both Deadpool 2 and Gambit, but the biggest shakeup has to definitely be the 10 month push back of their upcoming horror/comic film The New Mutants.

The New Mutants was set to come out April 13th of this year and was the next, new wave of X-Men films to come from Fox. Now, that seems to all have changed with the new release date being in the seemingly distant future, February 22, 2019.  While some insiders say that the studio didn’t want the film to compete with Deadpool 2 in overseas markets, the large 10 month delay raises some concerns about what Fox thinks of the film they have here. I don’t want to signal the flag of panic, but it perplexes me to see such a huge gap between the April 13th release date and the new February 22nd one. I mean, The New Mutants was out in 2 months and now we have to wait an entire year.

For me, I still have the Fox/Disney deal in my mind and it makes me contemplate that if the soon to be finalized deal has anything to do with the new release date. My heart says this film will still happen, but my mind is screaming at me to get ready for the possible loss of The New Mutants. This could all be nothing to be concerned about and hey, it might be because of reshoots, but it still feels like an awfully long time to delay a project that seems interesting and unique in the ever-growing comic book movie landscape.

I have enjoyed the majority of what Fox has put out in regards to their treatment of the X-Men, and I was ready to see horror clash with comics in The New Mutants.  This will definitely be an interesting story to keep track of going forward. And if it falls through and never sees the light of day (yeah, you too, Gambit), at least we have Deadpool 2 and its new May 18th release date to look forward to soon enough.

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