The New York Yankees signing Giancarlo Stanton could have been the biggest signing of the summer. Early on the expectations were set; the Yankees fully becoming a contender and the Miami Marlins went in to full rebuild mode. So far everything has gone according to the plan; Yankees are a contending team and the Marlins’ owners will make a bunch of money in 2-3 years. The importance of this games has more to do with player and owner relationship.

Will Stanton get booed, or will he be cheered?

Will Derek Jeter be at the game?

Stanton is having hot month of August and have been pretty reliable for the Yankees after a few rough months. Currently sitting at 32 Home Runs and 80 RBIs as he is currently leading the Yankees in the absence of Aaron Judge. Stanton is having his best month batting, the Yankees can only hope he can keep it coming for the remaining 11 games. The next 6 games are on the road and it all starts vs the Marlins.

The Marlins 50-76 on the season, sometimes you have to lose to win (the big bucks). The Marlins are doing just fine, losing record but not the worse team in baseball; send thanks to the Orioles. Despite the losing the Marlins’ have plenty of bright spots, Jose Urena is already showing that he could be a premier pitcher in the league.

Masahiro Tanaka (9-4) vs Pablo Lopez (2-3) will start off the matchup in Miami, Tanaka looking for his 10th win (4 times the charm?). While Tanaka is one of the Yankees top pitchers he has been struggling, the Marlins could be his rebound team. Game 2, Lance Lynn (8-8) Vs Trevor Richards (3-7), Lynn has really enjoy being a Yankee, winning 3 out of his 4 games in the stripes.

Once again…

Will Stanton get booed, or will he be cheered? Stanton became a household name in Miami and when he finally started to peak last year, he was traded. He may initially be booed but they’ll turned to cheers when he knocks it out of the park.

Will Derek Jeter be at the game? Jeter, the class act Hall of Famer for the Yankees. The Curious case of the Derek Jeter.

What are your thoughts on Stanton and Jeter?

Note: Coming into the August 22, 2018 games the Boston Red Sox are on a 2-game losing streak and only 9 games ahead of the Yankees. If the Yankees can pull the sweep, they can put some pressure on the Red Sox on the last stretch. Especially with 6 games left still to play between them.

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