Isaiah Thomas video tribute trumps Paul Pierce Jersey retirement

Paul Pierce is one of the greatest superstars to ever play for the Boston Celtics. He was on a championship team alongside Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett.

But honestly not a whole lot of people care about Paul Pierce’s Jersey retirement. I mean yeah, he was good and he did get a championship, but he wasn’t a Kobe Bryant.

He is putting himself on a high pedestal and treating himself like he won 5 rings. Like he had a big brand new shoe, or sold a ton of jerseys.

Be honest with yourself, would you buy a Paul Pierce shoe? That’s like purchasing a Tim Duncan shoe.

“I’m balling in my Tim Duncan’s today.”

Yea clearly that does not sound right.

Paul Pierce said in so many words he deserves the night of February 11, 2018.

Well honestly I believe it should, but someone is Boston organization doesn’t think so.

What do you think is going to bring in more fans?

Paul Pierce Jersey retirement, or Isaiah Thomas’s first game against Boston?

Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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