It seems undeniable that the most anticipated movie coming out in December is DC Films’ Aquaman, which is directed by James Wan and staring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson (etc). Of course that results in the usual flying rumors, and guesstimates of when its first trailer will be dropping.

Thank Poseidon, Wan revealed a week ago that the trailer will be dropping at the always highly anticipated San Diego Comic Con (SDCC),

I’m ready to see the stunning “MERAmber” (a.k.a. Heard) in some real action that we deserve, as well as Wan bringing to life the majestic depth of Atlantis and the “Seven Seas”. I got a real feeling that we’re going to receive a mind-blowing of a lifetime come December 21st.

And let me tell you, that feeling was reinforced when Wan dropped an eye-opening photo on his Instagram,

No, I’m not referring to Wan’s Funko POP, despite the fact that it’s one hell of a cool looking POP. Allow me to help you…

Did James Wan give us our First Look at Aquaman vs Orm?
Credit to James Wan

That’s right, it looks like he strategically took the photo of his POP to purposely incorporate some behind the scenes post work on the film. And to me it looks like we got ourselves the first shot of Momoa’s Aquaman going toe-to-toe with his brother, Wilson’s, Orm.

Of course this could be Aquaman fighting a simple soldier who’s siding with Orm, which wouldn’t be too surprising if that’s the case. But there’s definitely some strong similarities between the armor worn by both Aquaman and the other individual in the photo with the first official photo of the two from Entertainment Weekly. Specifically so the shoulder armor they’re both wearing.

As I had said previously, this little photo (that had the potential to go completely unnoticed) is the perfect “hold over” that the fan base needed. With everything still stinging after the unfortunate “bomb” Justice League was at the box office, this keeps the hope alive and the fan’s alert.

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