JUSTICE LEAGUE — Zack Snyder, hope, and coming full circle

The steam has slowly been building for what feels like forever, but now with less than two weeks (as November 17th approaches) it feels like we’re riding Barry Allen’s back. We’ve had a total of three official trailers, which includes the SDCC special footage, and now we’ve received six exclusive clips from JUSTICE LEAGUE. Each one expanding upon footage we’ve already seen from one of the trailers. Each giving us a little more of a taste, and hooking us more than we already are.

To be honest, it’s a great advertising technique. Not giving much away, and knowing that it’s just enough that it’ll psych up the fan base by ten folds, as well as reel in some who weren’t sold.

Here are the six clips,

I think something important to point out is how much further along these are than any of the trailers. Editing is almost finished. We’re actually seeing STEPPENWOLF instead of those strategically captured, unrevealing of too much shots that we had seen in the trailers. And there’s already foreshadowing of the hope and optimism that Zack Snyder had promised us would come since BATMAN V SUPERMAN.

Again, the fact that these clips were devised (nigh) perfectly to further hook the audience without giving much away, they make me want to tip my metaphorical cap to whomever was behind it.

Flash/Batman clip:

This was one of the more intriguing clips of them all. I found the encounter between the two — Flash and Batman — to be very telling of Barry’s lack of experience. Him being afraid of doing battle despite the power he possesses is quite astounding, it brings in a layer of being human. And it’s clear that what it means to be human will play heavy throughout the entirety of the movie; from Superman and how Bruce truly feels him to have been “more human than I am” to Barry’s fear of not being able to save, which is a human thing to feel in the face of danger.

Snyder’s ability to present stories that touch on intricate topics like Earth finding out we’re not alone in the universe (which was a point in MoS), and (Bat)man confronting and fighting the feeling of the power he’d fought tooth and nail to regain after having it taken away from him as a boy so no other would feel the way he had (again) taken away from him with having seen Superman and Zod tear through Metropolis (in BvS), and now with what looks to be what it means to be human and how that can allow for people to do inhuman things.

I do believe that this scene will be the turning point for Barry’s character. It’ll be that moment when he knows he has to overcome the fear, and do what Superman would’ve. Save those who are unable to save themselves from evil.

Wonder Woman clip:

Something you get right out of the gate with this clip is that same tone and vibe of WONDER WOMAN. There’s a brightness to it. An automatic intensity, and with her presence she brings forth a feeling that everything will be all right no matter how bad things look. Of course I think Gal Gadot brings that all on her own– she could literally be a goddess.

Something that does really stand out about this one, though, is what Michael McElhatton’s character says,

This is man’s best hope. Down with the modern world. Back to the dark ages, and the safety of holy fear.

It kind of feels like set up. And not for this movie, but like for what’s to come post JUSTICE LEAGUE. Now this is just me, and my gut feeling, but it feels very Vandal Savage  point of view/rhetoric that McElhatton’s character is reciting. I’m probably far off, but with Lex Luthor being in the movie, and possibly Deathstroke because I still don’t buy that you screen test a character for a completely different movie that’s not even close to having a script in a movie that’s currently filming, that it might be a foreshadow to the LEGION OF DOOM. Again, that’s just me speculating and putting out there what my gut feeling is.

Steppenwolf clip:

For me (personally), this clip was the most compelling out of the six. We get, as I had said, our first clear shot of the Commanding General of the Parademon Hordes. He’s a monster of a force from the roughly 8-seconds he’s in the clip. You get an almost instant feeling like they’re going to need a “bigger boat” if they have any hope of defeating him.

The sole line he has is very telling, and gives me (as well as those I’ve talked to about it) flashbacks to another formidable villain of the DCEU,

JUSTICE LEAGUE — Zack Snyder, hope, and coming full circle
From MAN OF STEEL, Michael Shannon as General Dru-Zod; Credit to Warner Bros. and DC Comics

Primitive beings.

Steppenwolf appears to be the most formidable threat the DCEU will face since Michael Shannon’s General Dru-Zod from MAN OF STEEL. Both possess an aura of natural superiority about them. Zod being due to the fact he was bred to be the greatest warrior Krypton had ever seen, and with Steppenwolf– well, he’s a (New) God.

Steppenwolf’s observation as a result of the missiles Cyborg (Ray Fisher) fired at him really sends home that inferiority that the League appears to pose to him. He’s unimpressed. There’s an unspoken raising the bar several notches when it comes to the level of severity and danger that’s in front of them. And as much as I loved Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, there was never that outright knowing like there is here (and that’s not taking anything away from Eisenberg’s Luthor).

I do understand that Doomsday was absolutely devastating– hell, he killed Superman, right? BUT in the perspective of him being a villain, he falls extremely short. Just like in the “Death of Superman” arc, Doomsday was nothing more than a plot device. That being especially so in BATMAN V SUPERMAN, as he was literally Luthor’s plan-B.

I’ll have to rank the villains of the DCEU at some point in the near future, perhaps after AQUAMAN comes out next year (December 21st, 2018). So, heh, be on the look out.

Overall, these clips definitely inject this feel of coming full circle for Snyder. It’s unfortunate the turn of events, and the pain/suffering he’s gone through. There’s definitely a feeling that this is the conclusion to his “trilogy,” and what he envisioned from the start (with MAN OF STEEL). I’ve said to friends how if that is the case, and this is the last Snyder movie we get in the DCEU, that I’m sure it will have been one hell of a ride and something that I’m 110% pleased with.

JUSTICE LEAGUE hits theaters Friday, November 17th, and you don’t want to miss it!

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