Just because the Washington Wizards don’t want to win it doesn’t mean that John Wall and Bradley Beal want to waste their talents. The Wall-Beal combination while on paper looks good it has never worked out and the Wizards were the last one to figure it out. Teams should be jumping out of their seat and getting on private planes to go woo Wall or Beal.

John Wall

Detroit Pistons – John Wall / Reggie Jackson.

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Is simple John Wall to the Pistons and send Reggie Jackson to the Wizards. Let’s be honest, Jackson is not doing enough to validate that he is 3rd musketeer to Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin. Dwayne Casey could use a guy like Wall to run the floor and ease up the scoring load on Griffin. The issue could be Wall’s lack of 3pt shot but either way, Casey can help Wall like he with Kyle Lowry.

Also if Detroit gets greedy add Stanley Johnson and Kelly Oubre Jr to the mix, it works.

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New York Knicks – John Wall & Kelly Oubre Jr / Enes Kanter & Frank Ntilikina

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This move should be one that should be considered by the Knicks more than anybody else.  Obviously the Knicks are failing at a lot and don’t have a clear direction for the future.  Patching things up with Kristaps Porzingis should be priority number 1. Recruiting Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant seems more of a perfect scenario that’s too good to be true (still Knicks fan should stay hopeful). Bringing in John Wall would change spice things up a bit and bring some more Ws to New York.

Yes, Knicks could be sacrificing a top draft pick but also they could start on a path of redemption for New York. Trading Kanter is not crazy, it only makes sense, he is not part of the future. Wall can help develop Mitchell Robinson, Allonzo Trier and Kevin Knox, most importantly build some confidence for them that they are just more than a tanking team.  Lastly, a tanking team would love to have Dwight Howard and Enes Kanter as their tanking foundation.

San Antonio Spurs – John Wall & Morris / Paul Gasol & Patty Mills

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San Antonio Spurs are 8-8 in the West, if changes are not made the Spurs could find themselves out of the playoffs. LaMarcus Aldridge struggles will get better as the season goes on but there is still a big hole to fill up at the guard position. Rudy Gay has bounce back from injury almost to perfection and right now he is an unsung hero for the Spurs. DeMar DeRozan has proven that he is able to play alongside a dominant guard. John Wall would bring some aggressiveness to the Spurs. Popovich has never cared for the 3 point shot which only helps Wall feel more comfortable about driving to the basket and making plays.

Honorable Mentions – Milwaukee Bucks – Eric Bledsoe & Matthew Dellavedova / John Wall & Kelly Oubre Jr

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Bradley Beal

Memphis Grizzles – Bradley Beal / Chandler Parsons

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The question is how serious are the Wizards about hitting the reset button. Parsons barely plays basketball to affect the team winning abilities. For the Grizzlies this would be the equivalent or stumbling on to a pot of gold after losing your wallet. A scoring duo of Mike Conley and Beal could be what Wall and Beal could have never been. Marc Gasol would love this, because he would now have 2 guards that he can pass it too and they will burn the defense.

Miami Heat – Bradley Beal & Jason Smith / Tyler Johnson & Dion Waiters

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Early enough in the good-bye tour for Dwayne Wade, the Heat could start looking for another beacon of hope for the future. Don’t get me wrong Erick Spoelstra has made miracles with Hassan Whiteside, Dion Waiters, Josh Richardson and Goran Dragic. But at some point in time, he is going to need for Pat Riley to bring in somebody to make his life a little bit easier.  Beal needs the opportunity to be the number 1 guy, the Heat could be that team. Remember Beal went to school in Florida.

New Orleans Pelicans – Bradley Beal / Solomon Hill & Etwaun Moore.

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Remember when Alvin Gentry was drawing up plays for 2 great guards like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Imagine what he can do for Jrue Holiday and Bradley Beal. If the Pelicans want to avoid losing Anthony Davis to any other team, they have to do more than just pay him. If I was Gentry, I would push for this as a possible starting lineup of Holiday, Beal, Johnson, Mirotic and Davis is both lengthy and also will have no problem from the 3 line.

Honorable Mention – Orlando Magic – Bradley Beal / Evan Fournier & DJ Augustin

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The Magic haven’t given the keys to the city to any players really just means that they are open to bring in anybody that wants to play for them. And just like the Heat, for Beal going to school in Florida could be something that could be use as in leverage (but really more like sprinkles, do I need them, nah but put it in there anyways). Beal will get to Orlando and automatically be given the keys to the offense. It would be like what he want it with the Wizards. Reliable players like Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon would have a guy to look at a guy that they can count on to get them out of funk.

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