In an article on Deadline by writer Mike Fleming Jr., he dropped what could be a massive bomb on us all with a rumor that WB/DC is supposedly working on a solo JOKER movie that takes place in the DCEU. Supposedly the movie would be produced by Martin Scorsese, directed by Todd Phillips and its script is to be co-written by Phillips and Scott Silver. The article also says that it would be an origin for the “Clown Prince of Crime.”

Now, I’ve become a fan who looks at articles like Fleming’s and immediately calls bullshit. There were a few flags that popped up for me, and the most notable being that there’s no source for this rumor other than he “was told.” We’ve seen one too many rumors coming out of the gigantic Anti-DC Rumor Machine that is the internet “journalists,” and “bloggers” to take them seriously anymore without credible sources or direct confirmation from WB/DC’s mouth. From the likes of “Wonder Woman is a mess” by an anonymous “former WB employee” to claims that the DCEU has done nothing but bomb despite making $3.086-Billion over only 4-movies.

There were claims in Fleming’s article that from what we’ve seen thus far in the DCEU simply don’t add up, such as the movie being apart of the connected universe yet it would recast the Joker. Knowing that Leto is to reprise as the Joker in multiple films — which Fleming pointed out in his article — in the DCEU, it would be counter intuitive to push him aside for a movie starring his character. Also claiming it would be an origin story when the Joker’s origin is as unknown as “P versus NP.”

We as fans need to remain vigilant in what rumors we believe, and take any with a MASSIVE grain of salt until confirmed, as at least 95% of them appear to be spread to attack the morale of the DCEU’s fan base and fracture any momentum that it is building in advance to the upcoming movies. Like the divide between critics and movie goers, there’s an equally as large disconnect between those claiming to know what’s going on behind the comic book movie curtain and what actually is.


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