Jonathan Hickman — The hits might just keep coming for Marvel

When it rains, it pours– or so that might be the case with Marvel losing another top creator, as it’s being reported that Jonathan Hickman (writer) could be jumping ship as did his fellow compatriot, Brian Michael Bendis.

Of course, this comes off of the heels of Bendis’ exclusive signing to DC Comics, and essential departure from the company that’s been his home for years (and years). This wouldn’t be too surprising, just because we’ve seen hints and rumors before about Hickman coming to DC Comics, and they just never follow through.

This all comes from a tweet from Hickman, which was,

The iconic moment from the Dead Poets Society where students express undying loyalty to their (fired) teacher. It does seem to paint (with a shift like Bendis leaving Marvel) that Hickman will be following his friend’s suit. Though, I remain skeptical. This being due to the fact that this could be what it looks like, Hickman conveying that he and Bendis will still be friends despite Bendis’ departure.

Though, it’s being reported by Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool,

I understand whatever it would be would not be an exclusive deal, leaving Hickman open to work on other work-for-hire projects. That could include Marvel… As it stands, DC Comics asked Hickman to pitch several things, and he has done so. They have made him an offer. He has yet to accept.

Of course, if Hickman were to jump ship (as I’ve referred to it as), it would be of no surprise to me that Hickman’s deal would not be exclusive like Bendis’, as Hickman does projects outside of the BIG2 — DC Comics and Marvel — like his creator owned book out of Image Comics, EAST OF WEST. This has been the deal he’s had with Marvel, and makes most sense he’d carry over to DC Comics.

If you were to ask me my honest opinion on whether I believe we’ll see another “Marvel guy” coming to what people might now be able to say is the “dark side” — DC Comics, or if he’ll be staying put… I’d say I believe he’ll stay put.

It always seems like whenever something big is confirmed, there’s a million rumors that come crawling out of the woodwork that seem just plausible enough for people to latch their hope onto. I, in no way, am saying I don’t want to see Hickman come write for DC Comics, it’s just that from the landscape of things and what seems more likely, I wouldn’t bet the house on this coming to fruition.

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