Joss Whedon — Out as director of BATGIRL?

Back in March we learned that Joss Whedon (director) had been tapped to direct a BATGIRL solo movie. This was around the same time that we learned Zack Snyder (director) had stepped down from JUSTICE LEAGUE to grieve over the loss of his daughter, and he’d chosen Whedon to pick up the slack and “finish” the movie. Since then, JUSTICE LEAGUE has hit theaters and (domestically) was a bomb. This has sparked a fire within the DCEU fan base, and they’re calling for “blood.”

JUSTICE LEAGUE was being estimated to have a domestic opening around $110M to $120M, and its global numbers to reach anywhere between $325M to $355M. This would’ve made placed it above Fox‘s DEADPOOL ($264.7M) and just below Marvel‘s IRON MAN 3 ($372.5M.)

An opening like that would’ve been perfect validation to the DCEU fan base who’ve been well tired of the critics’ constant negative spin on the (DCEU‘s) movies, but instead, JUSTICE LEAGUE brought in roughly $96M domestically and $185M internationally, which made its global opening around $281M. This is a far cry from the projected numbers, and a complete under delivering of what was expected by all involved.

Since the slow start, fans have been very vocal of their belief that this is Whedon’s fault since he was the one who did reshoots and was responsible for putting the movie together. This also comes off of Whedon liking tweets that directly attack the movie’s villain, STEPPENWOLF, and sparked livid responses from the fans.

One fan, Jesabel, who is an extremely vocal fan of the DCEU tweeted,

Another followed the outrage with,

As well as Sendra who tweeted,

Now, there’s since been a rumor rolling around the internet that Whedon has been fired from directing BATGIRL. Comic Book Cast‘s Armin S. reported that there’s a report floating around speculating that Whedon has been removed from the solo, and that its chances of happening are up in the air. He comments that the reasoning behind the unconfirmed removal of the director is as a result of his comments, which I can assume refers to his liking of tweets that attack Warner Bros./DC Films‘ product, and the “too early to call” failure of JUSTICE LEAGUE.

With the nameless and faceless being used in this “unlinked” report of Whedon’s termination, it makes it hard to tell what’s actually going on. There is a case to be made that there’s weight behind the “report,” as we know that if there’s enough of an outrage at something unliked it will cause change. Yet on the other hand, there’s not necessarily enough proof to say that his pink slip happened.

Until there’s confirmation from Warner Bros./DC Films, I would warn to take anything that comes from said “report” with a “grain of salt.”

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