JR Smith: The Morning After

JR Smith could have been the hero of game 1, but instead he’ll be known for blown it. JR Smith did another JR Smith thing, and after is all set and done we should not be surprise, is JR Smith. JR Smith will do JR Smith things. Today is the morning after, the memes, the GIFs, the critics, the newspapers and all sports related talk will be about him. Also is not like his post-game interview helps his case.

Did JR Smith blew it, get over it, I am. Okay, take 5 minutes let it out one last time. Feel better? But seriously, the game of basketball is one of runs and making the right play at the right time. So George Hill missed a crucial free throw that would have giving the Cavaliers the lead. Should we talk about Jordan Clarkson, he made two shots out 9, one shot being about 3 feet away from the basket that look suspect. Rodney Hood hasn’t even logged a minute since his little emotional tantrum.

I like JR Smith, you like JR Smith, he is the last of volume shooters in the NBA, one minute he heats up and the next minute we are wondering where Hood is. Is JR a bonehead? Maybe, but he is also the best option the Cavaliers. Yea, he gamble for the ball and let Curry have a wide open 3 to tie the game at the half but come on it wasn’t game 7 of the NBA finals, it was just 1 game.

Overall the “L” is not just on JR Smith is on the Cavaliers team because at the end of the day is a team lose. JR Smith and the Cavaliers will bounce back, the end of the game was disappointing, more because of the way that you could see their soul crushed than the actual loss. JR Smith has done this type of plays with every team that he has been and he has also came hyped up the crowd when needed as well.

Now some nonsense, is JR Smith at fault or is he just a product of the NBA rigging games to create excitement that turns into more viewers. JR Smith had multiple bonehead plays that can only be predicted by guys with code names that work in an unknown Vegas location; who come up with game predictions, stories, betting lines and overall guaranteed fandom control. Did anybody think it would have been that close of a game for four quarters, the betting line was Warriors 12, the won by 10.

Cleveland came to play and play they did, it wasn’t just the “LeBron Factor”, the Cavaliers were doing the little things. King James performance will shadow everything else like Larry Nance almost double-double, the rebounding difference 53-38. The Cavaliers almost tasted victory only draws in viewers because it wasn’t a blowout like how most of the playoffs has been. We should be cherishing this moments because they will not be a Cavaliers-Warrior V.

In conclusion, let the JR Smith concept go. For the basketball players, have you never made a boneheaded play. For the critics (and does know it all), it was JR Smith. I’m guilty of immediately blaming JR Smith for the game but also a human being that makes mistake, he had a bad night, and I’m confident he will come back and bless us with JR SMITH THINGS! In the meantime just think about the good things JR Smith has done.

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