I will say there’s one undeniable truth to the last two weeks thus far and that being Warner Bros.DC Films, Zack Snyder (director) and company have been going on one hell of ride; from positive first reactions (to JUSTICE LEAGUE) to the critics being critics, Gal Gadot (actress, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman) drawing a line in the sand and it appearing that Rotten Tomatoes is posting reviews under critics profiles without their consent. I honestly cannot remember the last time comic book news has been so all over the place. And despite all of the negative, the thing you can count on happens– the DCEU fan base “defends the wall.”

When the smoke clears just enough to see, it’s fact that the overall reaction from fans is positive when it comes to JUSTICE LEAGUE. I don’t know a single person who expected a “fresh” rating from RT, if anything, everyone knew the rotten was coming. You could’ve bet your house on it, that’s how predictable it was.

Now, of course, like every movie ever made there’s general consensus that there are some small things wrong with JUSTICE LEAGUE. What would you expect from a movie that has two directors? But here’s the twist– the fans have claws out and are going after Joss Whedon (director) for what they see as being wrong with it. I admit wholeheartedly that I would never have seen that coming in a billion years.

Not knock to Whedon, but it’s kind of refreshing to see someone other than the “God of the DCEU,” Snyder, getting the claws.

This– um, controversy has apparently spawned a “fan petition” started by Roberto Mata on Change.org for Warner Bros. and DC Films to release Snyder’s “Ultimate Cut” of JUSTICE LEAGUE.

I’m going to be bluntly honest here, and I know this may make me the “bad guy,” but I don’t believe there is a UC of the movie. From all of the reports we’ve seen, it seems like if anything– no, we know that they actually filmed a few more scenes that were put in JUSTICE LEAGUE. And I feel like those calling for a UC release based off of there being extra footage don’t quite understand that nearly every movie has extra footage. Small scenes that in the end don’t fit right, or things they take out because they changed something along the way.

I understand the DCEU fan base’s immediate reaction, especially after knowing that Warner Bros. had “messed” with BATMAN V SUPERMAN, to believe that they’ve done it again. Even more so with Snyder stepping down and Whedon coming in to finish.

I also feel like this “call to arms,” which is most of the time justified, comes from the fact that Whedon had liked a few tweets that “attacked” JUSTICE LEAGUE (via its villain, STEPPENWOLF), with this one being the crux,


Again, I can understand the immediate defense-mode taken from this. And I do feel that there is some justification to it, but just because of this and there possibly being some extra footage, I don’t find that enough to believe that there’s an “Ultimate Cut.” That’s just what I gather from the information that we have at hand, and until Warner Bros.DC Films and/or Snyder themselves say otherwise, I don’t think making a petition to get an unknown UC released is the best way we (as a fan base) can be helping JUSTICE LEAGUE and Snyder succeed.

Please, go out and watch JUSTICE LEAGUE, even if you’ve already seen it, or even if you’ve seen it a million times. The move it gets your (and my) money, the better.


  1. They took out a lot of scenes that where in the trailers because of the mandate that the movie had to be at most 2 hours long. The mandate was introduced very late in the film process of the movie that they had to take out numerous scenes that they were planning on having in the movie and I think that could have made it even better. That being said I think that is on of the other reasons as to why people want an Ultimate Cut because they know numerous scenes were initially part of the movie but had to be cut because of this dumb mandate.

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