JUSTICE LEAGUE — Is there hope for the “Snyder Cut” on the horizon?

There’s one thing that I hate to be more than anything, and that’s the bearer of bad news. Sometimes that’s what one must be in order to be consistent, and it is undeniable that consistency is king. Over the last week (give or take a few days), we’ve seen that’s it’s pretty clear that JUSTICE LEAGUE wasn’t Zack Snyder’s (director) true vision. And it’s stirred up plenty of controversy across the gigantic ocean we all virtually exist upon– the internet.

We’ve seen a call to arms for Snyder. It almost seems like the mighty 300 rally in his name, as there’s been a call for Kevin Tsujihara’s (Warner Bros. CEO) firing and the “pitchforks and torches” had been pulled out for Joss Whedon (director). Overall, it’s been what looks to be a full-scale mutiny attempt and that is truly a breath of fresh air.

As much “good” as that seems, it truly is all bark and no bite. See, as change isn’t caused by having a tantrum because things didn’t go your way, no matter how much it seems like people are out to get you, and screaming violently when a director likes a tweet “attacking” the very movie he was apart of. No, you have to come together and make it clear as one that you’re unsatisfied.

Professionalism is key.

JUSTICE LEAGUE — Is there hope for the "Snyder Cut" on the horizon?
CHANGE(dot)ORG Fan Petition for “Snyder Cut;” Started by Roberto Mata

The most compelling thing I’ve seen thus far is the call for what I coined as the “Snyder Cut” to be released. The fan petition has reached an impressive 142,936 signatures (and counting),


The sad news here, despite how out of this world the response is, is that these petitions rarely cause what they’re trying for. It’s the “nature of the beast” in a way. If anything, we can only hope that this response will send a clear message to Warner Bros. and DC Films. A message that says loud and clear fans want what Snyder has to give, and they want it untouched by studio executives and additional directors who won’t stay true to his (original) vision.

JUSTICE LEAGUE — Is there hope for the "Snyder Cut" on the horizon?
Fiona Zheng’s Vero post about the “Snyder Cut” petition

The only other glimmer, but yet sad, realization out of all of this is that Snyder himself doesn’t appear to be happy with how things turned out. From his message to Fiona Zheng (fan) on Vero, “I wish only I could only have finished it for you and the others who loved MOS BvS,” to his liking (of the same fan’s) post about the petition.

At the end of the day, it seems implausible that we’d receive the “Snyder Cut.” As Warner Bros. would have to put more money into VFX to finish Snyder’s scenes, and that it would present an interesting conundrum of what the “Snyder Cut” role would play in the DCEU‘s continuity going forward. I do sincerely wish we would’ve received Snyder’s vision, as it would’ve completed his trilogy of MAN OF STEEL, BATMAN V SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE, but sometimes– no, sadly, most of the time things don’t go the way we expected them to.

As a fan base we should continue to stick behind Snyder, and hope that he (still) remains apart of the DCEU moving forward after WONDER WOMAN 2.

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