So we’ve received the first reactions for JUSTICE LEAGUE, which [seem] to indicate an overall good sense about the film. There’s been plenty of rumors shooting around out on the wild west that we all like to call the internet. If anything is clear, the buzz is solely on the DCEU [for the time being,] and everything appears to be riding on Zack Snyder’s (director) blockbuster. But buckle up kids, because the Gods have looked down upon us and gifted something amazing– a post credit scene leaked.

Now for obvious reasons, I need to make clear that there are SPOILERS ahead, and if you continue any further you’ll be seeing them! So this is the point of no return if you continue on.

There’s been plenty of rumors shooting around, and many focusing on what Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor’s involvement in JUSTICE LEAGUE will be. There were even some rumors that said he’d been cut all together from the movie with Joss Whedon (director) being brought on to finish what Zack [Snyder] was unable to with the unfortunate and extremely tragic death of his daughter. I had always felt that specific rumor was false, and that being because Lex played a heavy hand in alerting the Dark God of Apokolips himself, DARKSEID, that Superman was dead.

I think one of the biggest rumors ever since that unforgettable August morning, when Ben Affleck (actor, Bruce Wayne/Batman) tweeted,

Everyone immediately got into a frenzy. There was speculation to whether or not if he was teasing that DEATHSTROKE — who we would find out was being portrayed by Joe Manganiello — would be the villain to his [at the time] solo Batman movie, THE BATMAN, or if he [Deathstroke] was going to be in JUSTICE LEAGUE. It was quite quickly shaken off that he’d be the main villain for the former of the two.

BUT– but, look at where we are now! That’s right, I’m pretty sure that you can guess what the post credit scene was of,

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Lex Luthor and Slade Wilson on the same BIG screen, and as a result of Lex [undoubtedly] paying him [Slade] off to break him out of Arkham Asylum.

From a guard thinking that Lex was the one in the cell, to Deathstroke walking up the steps of the yacht, it is everything we want as fans.

There were a few things to note about this, and that being the female bodyguards that Lex has. It instantly reminds me of Mercy from BATMAN V SUPERMAN. I even wonder if they may be Amazons, the fact that they’re clearly his bodyguards and not just assistants like Mercy was.

The other thing being what Lex said to Deathstroke,

I’m just celebrating God’s return, out of the ground and–

Now in the leaked footage, it cuts out before he finishes, but I love how Lex refers to Superman’s inevitable return as “God’s return.” It continues his mindset from BvS, how he clearly viewed the “Man of Steel” as a God.

There were rumors of this post credit scene pre-leak, and in those they said that Deathstroke removes his balaclava and reveals his grayed hair and eye patch donning face. There was also one that said Lex said to him about, “Maybe we should form a team of our own,” which [if true] would hint to the LEGION OF DOOM as the villains for JUSTICE LEAGUE 2.

I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond pumped and can’t wait for November 17th!

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