JUSTICE LEAGUE — There’s still hope

We had just seen the weakest (domestic) DCEU opening with JUSTICE LEAGUE, which was predated by the usual critic response to a DC Comics movie. It seemed, from first looks, that JUSTICE LEAGUE was marked to fail. With fans calling for Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara’s dismissal, and (extreme grain of salt) rumors about Joss Whedon’s (director) firing from the BATGIRL solo; everything seemed to be falling apart.

Calm down, take a deep breath, because there was some relief as JUSTICE LEAGUE had a phenomenal reception internationally. That sigh of relief can even get bigger, as we see that JUSTICE LEAGUE brought in $10.1M on Tuesday, which is roughly a 40% increase from Monday’s $7.5M.

An increase like such is a great sign of potential “legs,” as it could be a good sign of it picking up steam through Thanksgiving break. Being honest, that’s not too surprising knowing kids are on break. And one thing for sure is that it’s been received well by the general audience, which would be those very kids on break. Though, the challenge now is as JUSTICE LEAGUE goes toe-to-toe with Pixar‘s COCO.

Variety is reporting that COCO is being projected to finish between $55M to $60M, which could pose a problem for DC Comics‘ mightiest heroes. Though, with a forty-percent increase when most movies are likely to drop even further (come Tuesday), it makes it plausible to say JUSTICE LEAGUE could fair very well against another “always expected to do great” Pixar tale.

“The darkest hour is just before dawn,” wrote Thomas Fuller, and I must say, he appears to have been one hundred percent right.

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