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At the end of Scott Snyder's Dark Nights Metal story arc, it's revealed that the actions of the Justice League that saved the universe...

DC Films: Shakeup confirmed, Walter Hamada promoted to head

It's not too surprising to see Warner Bros. tap a veteran in the area of producing and production.

FILM FATIGUE: The Fall Of The Comic Book Movie

Mike Churchill, owner of Pulp Nouveau Comix weighs in on the era of comic book films.


THE LAST JEDI is upon us, and the film divided a nation of Star Wars fans!

Breaking: Disney-FOX acquisition questioned under antitrust

In the current political climate that we're in, it speaks volumes when we see people in power from all sides expressing concern on a situation where a similar has been called into question as being a bias "targeting."

Professors say Trump still writing his own history

“What history will say will depend a whole lot on the economy’s growth, whether people find jobs, physical health determination and whether the world is closer to peace."

Local U.S: Parents lose custody because of low IQs.

"We have cut the links between child and parent, and between man and man, and between man andwoman. No one dares trust a wife...

BREAKING: U.S. show of force against N. Korea after latest missile...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMKzzxVpWpo The United States flew two supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula on Sunday in a show of force against North Korea following the country's...

Breaking: Bill passed, $788B for vets, $1.6B for Mex/U.S border wall

Washington -- House passes $788B bill combining Pentagon budget, veterans programs, and $1.6B down payment on U.S.-Mexico wall.

After deadly attack, Islamic Committee still makes demands of security removal

After placing cameras and railings in response to the deadly shooting of two police officers at a a contested shrine in Israel, the Supreme...

Greg Capullo — Swamp Thing, and his “final Batman story”

I believe it's fair to say that one constant in the "ever-changing" DC Comics' universe has been Greg Capullo drawing "the Caped Crusader." I,...

Review: DEADPOOL 2

When a mutant from the future known as Cable (Josh Brolin) sets out to kill a kid, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) must put together...

Tom Cruise — “I’ll never say no…” and the DCEU

Everyone knows that there was one very important character missing from DC Comics'  Justice League movie, and that character being Hal Jordan. It was speculated plenty (by fans)...

REAL OR NAR!?: Are you sold on the Raptors this season? 

Toronto never seemed like a real team, everyone viewed them as a one on one team who only performs during the regular season.


Hawkman Found feels more like one of the good M. Night Shyamalan movies.


Will Neeson find you with his very particular set of skills on this train…

Review: THE FLASH #37

[This issue] highlights Captain Cold's approach to being a criminal. He is the leader of The Flash's Rogues Gallery, who he considers a "family". He is precise, professional

NFL: Falcons at Eagles Divisional Round

Losing Carson Wentz was the worst that could happen to a team that was looking to get back into title contention.

NFL: Titans at Patriots Divisional Round

The Titans are going all in "Live or Die" state of mind, and that should not be taken lightly.