LONZO BUSTZO?!: is Lonzo Ball a bust?

Last night Lonzo scores 3 points going 1-7 from the field against the Clippers to another Lakers loss.

Lonzo Ball has been a regular topic when it comes to sports news and rumours. If it isn’t his career it’s his family and if it isn’t his family it’s his music and if it isn’t his signature shoes, it’s his hair. Ball may be the most scrutinised rookie to play in any sport ever.

Now everyone and their mamma knows this is because of his father and his inability to shut his mouth. Saying various outlandish things like “my son is better than Steph Curry” and “I [Lavar] can beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1”.

Talk that has been lurking around Ball is that he is a bust and shouldn’t have been selected with the 2nd overall pick. Looking at his contemporaries like Dennis Smith Jr and Jayson Tatum, even closer to home his team mate Kyle Kuzma they are all having great rookie campaigns to just name a few. Lonzo on the other hand is averaging 9PPG, 7APG and 7RPG. This looks promising but when you take a deeper look at his stats you realise how much trouble the Lakers could be in the near future. Ball is shooting 40% from the free throw line, 30% from the field and an atrocious 24% from three.

Watching Lonzo he started with such promise having a great second game one assist shy of a triple double. He also is the youngest player in NBA player history to record two triple doubles and such a fast rate. This is all great but when you examine his game he’s too weak to finish, due to his shot form his midrange game is an absolute myth (can only hit a jumper going left). His three point shot making is terrible also shockingly he’s a worse free throw shooter than Dwight Howard and Shaq, heck I’d even put money on DeAndre Jordan to beat him in a game of killer.

The most alarming stat is his free throw shooting because it shows his lack of comfortability. He was never an amazing free throw shooter (shooting 60% in college) but 42% for a guard is beyond terrible.

Some people even think that Ball should be relegated to the G League (formally known as the D League). Would that help Lonzo? Of course not! He would be playing a Patrick Beverly every night hungry for a contract and in terms of his confidence it wouldn’t do anything but make it worse than it already is.

If Ball wasn’t the 2nd overall pick and wasn’t hyped up by his father and Magic Johnson we wouldn’t care about his terrible season so far due to the fact he is a rookie and has time to grow. Unfortunately that isn’t the case so Lonzo will continue to face this criticism throughout his rookie year and probably throughout his career.

Is he a bust? We can’t decide that now we need to evaluate a whole year so the jury is still out on Ball’s legitimacy as the second pick overall.

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