The train of events just keeps rolling, as yesterday I had written an article trying to make sense of Matt Reeves’ (director of the BATMAN solo) comments on “The Business” podcast, and how what he had said was most certainly misconstrued and being used to further a particular narrative dealing with a Joker Solo Movie. Well, today Reeves took to Twitter to clarify exactly what he had meant in the interview.

Reeves started out by tweeting,

Then he followed it up with the tweet,

And finished with the following tweet,

I had said in my article that I felt he had misspoke when saying what WB/DC had told him, and I wasn’t that far off, as all that actually occurred was everyone who started to run around like a chicken with its head chopped off after Batman News shined a spotlight on his comments had misinterpreted what HE meant. Instead of doing what I have been doing ever since the “Anti-DC Rumor Machine” was spawned, which is waiting to make any judgment until rumors and “confusing” quotes are verified and explained further, people fell for the trap.

I’m glad that Reeves clarified what he meant, and that we can all stop this insanity involving the BATMAN solo movie and now focus on what’s important at the moment… JUSTICE LEAGUE. Consider me full speed ahead to it– unless of course some other rumor takes that DCEU fan base by storm, and in which case you can guarantee that I’ll be here defending the wall and shining a light of clarity in the madness.